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庭菖蒲開花了!Blue-Eyed Grass Sisyrinchium angustifolium ‘Lucerne’

庭菖蒲Blue-Eyed Grass Sisyrinchium angustifolium ‘Lucerne’
Cute little perennial ground cover plant with dainty little flowers, it is very easy to grow and propagated. Full sun to partial shade.
庭菖蒲, 鳶尾科, 為北美原生多年生草本植物,容易栽種,全日照或半日照,喜溫暖,但不耐高溫,台灣適合高冷地栽培. 葉片細長像小草. 桃園長庚分院好像已有種植. 多以分株或種子來繁殖. 因為植株去年新買的所以這是第一次實際開花. 成熟植株高度約25cm高x40cm寬幅.
2013-05-29 044 (Medium)2013-05-29 045 (Medium)

Creeping thyme is blooming! 匍匐性百里香開花了!-part 2

So soft and so fragrant! It is great sitting or lying down on top of it. Wonderful feeling!匍匐性百里香開花成紫花毯,芬芳柔軟,坐或躺在花毯上別有情趣.
2013-05-24 076 (Medium)2013-05-24 064 (Medium)2013-05-24 026 (Medium)2013-05-24 028 (Medium)2013-05-24 044 (Medium)2013-05-24 027 (Medium)2013-05-24 047 (Medium)2013-05-24 046 (Medium)2013-05-24 071 (Medium)

Tree Peony is blooming!牡丹花開!

Tree Peony is blooming!牡丹花開!
Because the temperature lately were so warm, from buds to full bloom just like magic! The fragrance is so powerful, the whole garden seem full of its beautiful scent! 🙂
最近氣溫很高,從含苞待放到完全盛開的速度之快,如同變魔術一般! 濃郁的強香瀰漫著整個花園. 🙂
2013-05-22 004 (Medium)2013-05-22 003 (Medium)2013-05-21 039 (Medium)2013-05-20 021 (Medium)

Creeping thyme is blooming! 匍匐性百里香開花了!-part one

Creeping thyme is blooming! 匍匐性百里香開花了!
2013-05-20 002 (Medium)2013-05-20 003 (Medium)2013-05-20 004 (Medium)2013-05-20 014 (Medium)2013-05-20 033 (Medium)2013-05-20 005 (Medium)2013-05-20 016 (Medium)2013-05-20 025 (Medium)2013-05-20 007 (Medium)

Beautiful spring flowering trees in Toronto! 多倫多綻放的美麗花樹!

Beautiful spring flowering trees in Toronto! 多倫多綻放的美麗花樹!
It is lovely warm spring, you can see all kinds of flowering trees and shrubs everywhere! Also the wonder fragrances in the air!
??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????2013-05-05 241 (Medium)2013-05-09 057 (Large)AzaleaViburnnumYellow flowering currantFlowering crabapple treeJapanese cherry tree-1Ornamental PearsCommon LilacDouble Lilac lavenderSpireaFlowering quince-1Japanese cherry treeWeeping Japanese cherryapple treeNorway maple 'Crimson King'Florida flowering dogwoodJapanese double KerriaTricolor Beech tree??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????2013-05-17 031

Good things about evergreen groundcovers! 善用常綠地被植物的好處!

Good things about evergreen groundcovers!
Good things about evergreen groundcovers:
1.Spring blooming go with the spring bulbs, visually show better.
2.Summer their coverage prevent water dry out quickly from Sun so you water less.
3.Some evergreen groundcovers have their fall foliage too, make fall garden colorful. Also disguise bulbs you planted from animals.
4.Winter time when no snow, the evergreen groundcovers cover the ground so it is not visually empty and depressing.
5.If you use weed blog and evergreen groundcovers, you weed so little, save your weeding time and energy for something fun or relaxing!


4.冬天無冰雪時尚見常綠地被才不會見到禿禿的地表. 不至於整個冬天花園看起來很頹廢.
5.和透水布和碎柏木屑一起使用可大幅減少雜草的生長. 這樣可以保留精力做比較有意思+放鬆心情的趣事多好!

The evergreen groundcovers I recommend: 我推薦以下常綠的地被植物名單:

4.Carpet bugle
5.Creeping thyme (fragrant)
9.Sweet William (fragrant)
12.Dianthus (fragrant)
13.Creeping speedwell
14.Foamflower (fragrant)
17.Lamb’s ear
18.Sedum (stonecrop)
20.Lenten rose
21.Creeping phlox
22.Evergreen Candytuft
23.St John’s-wort
24Thyme-leaf mountain bluet
25. Geranium × cantabrigiense ‘Westray’(this type is evergreen & fragrant )
26.Japanese spurge
28.Persian Stonecress

Bleeding Hearts! 綻放的荷包牡丹!

Bleeding Hearts! 綻放的荷包牡丹!
White, red, pink, pink flowers with golden leaves and dwarf one! 白色,紅色,粉色,粉色金葉,還有矮性品種!
2013-05-13 009 (Large)2013-05-12 037 (Medium)2013-05-12 025 (Medium)2013-05-12 021 (Medium)2013-05-12 019 (Medium)

Lungwort is blooming. 療肺草開花了

Lungwort is blooming. 療肺草開花了
This is a very hardy and shade tolerant plant. Very good groundcover!
2013-05-12 045 (Medium)