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Spring in TBG 春天的多倫多市立植物園

Spring in TBG 春天的多倫多市立植物園

Enjoy the spring view now!  🙂  敬請欣賞此時的春花美景! 🙂

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Landscaping Before and After (Use Cedar)造景設計(用料為香杉木)

Landscaping Before and After (Use Cedar)造景設計(用料為香杉木)

Here is another my design, I hope you will like it as well!

Before: 之前:
1.both sides need fences 1.兩邊需要新籬笆
2.need to increase sitting area 2.需要增加戶外休憩空間
3.need lane way privacy and security 3.屋後通巷需要隱私屏帳和安全措施
4.need storage shed for bikes and garden tools4.需要儲物小屋放自行車和園藝工具
5.need to increase planting area 5.需要增擴可種植範圍
After: 之後:
1.built cedar fences 1.兩邊建香杉木籬笆
2.built cedar deck with dead bolt lock 2.建香杉木露臺
3.built cedar sliding gate 3.建香杉木可內外鎖的大型懸吊式拉門
4.built cedar shed with green roof 4.建有屋頂可種花的香杉木儲物小屋可鎖自行車和工具
5.built a planting area with natural stone and colorful and hardy perennials 5.用天然石材砌建花台種植多彩耐命的多年生花卉

I have been told by my client that they really enjoyed the new backyard!

Landscaping project: Before and After造景前後

Just finished this landscaping project, I hope you will like my design! The design goal is: low maintenance, simple, comfortable and beautiful.
最近完成的庭園造景之一,希望你會喜歡我的設計. 這個設計是以簡單舒服美觀和低維護為主.

2013-07-21 005 (Medium)2013-04-30 022 (Medium)2013-07-21 001 (Medium)2013-04-30 028 (Medium)2013-07-21 004 (Medium)2013-04-30 016 (Medium)

Landscaping before and after造景前後