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Train your Magnolia for more flowers and flower more than once a year.訓練木蘭花

Train your Magnolia for more flowers and flower more than once a year.訓練木蘭花

2013-05-05 268 (Medium) (1)
2013-05-05 268 (Medium) (2)
Magnolia flower each is rather large which take a lot of nutrients to grow so many. Its flowers growing on end of tips which means you only trim or prune right after flower just spent. After flowers are gone, the shoots will form flower buds and shoots for next time it flowers.

With good care, even in Canada it can flower twice. Major flowering in spring and the other time will be in fall with about half amount of flowers.
In warm climate it can bloom up to four times a year.

Here is how to care for it"
1. Give fertilizer before the plant being active. Such as right after snow melt, before the flower buds enlarged. Give fertilizer spikes for rose or for fruit trees. Apply fertilizer spikes according to the package direction.

2.Only trimming/pruning right after flowering time.
The order of pruning is:
A. the dead part
B. the weak part
C. the unbalance part

If you really don’t know how to trim or prune, just remove the dead part is fine.

These pictures were taken last early May, you can see flowers are huge and with large quantity. Colour were so bright and full.

Hope everyone remember to feed your Magnolia this early spring for lots of beautiful flowers!

For your reference here are some fragrant Magnolia varieties:

Magnolia grandiflora ‘Bracken’s Brown Beauty'(white flowers)
Magnolia kobus (white flowers)
Magnolia ‘Yellow Fever’ (pale yellow flowers)
Magnolia x wieseneri (white flowers)
Magnolia ‘Wada’s Memory’ (white flowers)
Magnolia virginiana ‘Moonglow’ (off white flowers)
Magnolia ‘Yellow Garland’ (yellow flowers)
Magnolia ‘Yellow River’ (yellow flowers)
Magnolia zenii ‘Pink Parchment’ (pale pink flowers)
Perhaps there are some fragrant ones that I missed, let me know so I can update, thanks!


Magnolia grandiflora ‘Bracken’s Brown Beauty'(大葉的葉面臘面綠而光滑,葉背是淡黃核色,花大而白很脫俗又有怡人強香,其它的都無香味.但因花大花數並沒有無香味的品種多,它的枝葉因為特別又大常用來當切花材料.)
Magnolia kobus (它也是開白花但花數多,但它的耐熱性較差些),
Magnolia ‘Yellow Fever’ (淡黃色花),
Magnolia x wieseneri (白花,有人覺得是最香的品種),
Magnolia ‘Wada’s Memory’ (花色為白色),
Magnolia virginiana ‘Moonglow'(花色是米白色),
Magnolia ‘Yellow Garland’ (花色黃色),
Magnolia ‘Yellow River’ (黃色花),
Magnolia zenii ‘Pink Parchment’ (淡粉紅色的花).

Beautiful spring flowering trees in Toronto! 多倫多綻放的美麗花樹!

Beautiful spring flowering trees in Toronto! 多倫多綻放的美麗花樹!
It is lovely warm spring, you can see all kinds of flowering trees and shrubs everywhere! Also the wonder fragrances in the air!
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