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大花鴨跖草 Spiderwort (Tradescantia ohiensis )

ImageImageImage光線不拘耐旱又耐陰可用扦插水耕或種子繁殖. 花約3公分直徑. 花瓣纖弱柔美一朵花只有一天的壽命但是好像開不完似的…還滿特別的花.  花心於花蕊基部可見似羽絨般的細毫. 花色有藍有紫有粉紅也有金葉藍花品種.  非常容易栽種! 高約2呎寬約1.5呎.

多彩的鳶尾花 Iris










鳶尾花花色真是多彩絢麗的–雖然花期不長可是一旦綻放就迷倒眾生…特別是有芒鳶尾的香氣襲人不同的花色香味也有異. 超容易種植. 喜歡全日照排水良好的環境. 土壤不拘.

四照花 Chinese Flowering Dogwood (Cornus kousa)

四照花–中小型落葉喬木, 通常粉紅色的5月先開花,白色的品種6月底7月開. 耐陰耐旱. 樹高可達6米,寬幅6-8米.秋天時葉片由綠轉紅,有秋色變化. 這棵是我照顧了4年的一客戶家後院的佛羅里達四照花.

DIY愛不釋手的日本楓小品盆栽 DIY Your Tea Cup Size Japanese Maple Bonsai


ImageImageImageImageImage                                                                           It is fun to create your own bonsai, ask your neighbour or collect your own Japanese maple tree seeds, grow them in cold weather or in the fridge.  Purchase a few suitable sized tea cups or find them in a thrift store at a very cheap price.

Flip the tea cup up side down, use electric drill with a ceramic/glass use drill bit to drill through the tea cup to create a hole for water to drain.

Add just enough organic soil to plant your mini tree in the tea cup pot, place the moss and rock on top of the soil.

Water right away after planting and then let it sit on top of another bigger pot, place them in an area of partial shade  for 2 weeks to set.

Water your bonsai regularly, you can leave them outdoors over winter in the bigger pot surrounded with good soil which can avoid easily drying out in winter.

Enjoy your pet plant!

Go higher level of bonsai,check this web link, you will like it!

正在開放中的大白牡丹花 Tree peony is blooming!

正在開放中的大白牡丹花 Tree peony is blooming!

又是牡丹花開的季節了!  雖然花期短暫,卻能讓人見之不忘,聞而知香的花.  木質的枝幹,很有層次有質感的花瓣,伴著獨特牡丹的香味無與倫比,可惜長得慢!  難怪多人鍾情芍藥而非牡丹.  我也種植好幾種芍藥,芍藥總是比牡丹的花期晚些. 花朵雖非完全盛開卻直徑以達17公分了!

加拿大紫荊 Canadian Red Bud (Cercis canadensis)

ImageImageImage算大型樹吧!  成熟樹高可達約10米, 寬幅約為10-12米,耐陰,春天開粉紅色像豆類花的花形的小花,先花後葉,葉心型,非常強健耐寒,用種子繁殖. 五月現在正盛開!  很繽紛詩意的感覺啊!  圖示為我拍的客戶家隔壁的樹.

Usually it grows  about 9-10 m (20–30 feet) tall with a 8–10 m (25–35 foot) spread.  Flowers like pea flowers in spring around May.  Leaves like heart shape, come after flowers.  Tolerate shade.

這有紅葉品種Eastern redbud (Cercis canadensis ‘Forest Pansy’)還有這種矮性枝垂型 Dwarf weeping redbud tree

一莖多花又會變色的鬱金香Multiheaded Tulips ‘Antoinette’

–現在正綻放在小徑上, 顏色從幾乎純黃慢慢地渲染成紅色喔!  相當獨特!  照片分享

This multiheaded tulips value their multi-headed blooms, they bloom from almost pure yellow then slowly turning to red  right on side of my front yard path.   How unique!

here is the package

look the row of yellow multiheaded tulips carefully..picture taking on 05/03

slowly the colour turning red..picture taking on 05/04

the colour is reder…picture taking on 05/09

the colour eventually became this red..2010/05/19,–I forgot to take pictures last year.

多年生矢車菊 Bachelor’s Button (Centaurea montana)


Centaurea montana ‘Amethyst in Snow’(white flower with purple center)–紫心白花

Centaurea montana ‘Blue Boy’(blue flower)–全藍

Centaurea montana ‘Amethyst Dream’(purple flower)–全紫