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DIY Garbage Enzyme 環保酵素的製作

DIY Garbage Enzyme 環保酵素的製作

For those people who want to make their own organic liquid fertilizer plus, you might want to check this out! Dr. Rosukon’s Garbage Enzyme DIY You can save some money!

I have made some today. Ratio is 10 L water : 3 kg kitchen veggie and fruit scraps : 1 kg brown sugar. Mix well and seal in a container. (Leave some room for air, do not overfill. You should open the lid to let air escape from the container once a week.) It will take 3 months for the fermentation process then you can remove the solid and bury them in soil as fertilizer, the liquid part can be use for many things!

I find my gardening friends like to use this because it is a safe and effective fertilizer and pesticide to plants. It can also be used for shampoo, dish washer and detergent! Later this year, I will be use it for my vegetable garden!


More bulbs! New Dahlia and Garden Peony!新買的芍藥和大理花球根

more bulbs

More bulbs! New Dahlia and Garden Peony!新買的芍藥和大理花球根

They are so pretty, can’t wait to plant them! Price is good too!

新買的芍藥和大理花球根,明天就會種下它們了! 期待很快有花可賞!

Dahlia Planting 大理花球根包種植

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2012-09-09 (38)

2012-09-25 009

2012-09-09 (57)

2012-09-25 008

Dahlia Planting 大理花球根包種植

Dahlia is one of my favorite flowering bulbs! It is so easy to grow them and propagate them (from seeds, young shoots and divide the tuberous roots). There are so many flower colors to pick from at a good price! Long blooming seasons and they are good for cut flowers!

In end of fall I will cut my Dahlias down to remove anything above ground and dig the root out for indoor storage through winter. I have been saving the roots many years. I often divide the roots in early spring then give some away to my clients and friends.

Bees and butterflies love them, I haven’t noticed humming birds go to them though. The flowering season is from mid/late spring to frost! Great value!

Here are some pictures that I took in my garden and the new bulbs that I have planted in big pots.

大理花是我喜愛的球根花卉之一,因為它容易栽種和繁殖(種子,新芽扦插和球根分株). 開花期很長又花色繁多. 而且價格低又可當切花花材.

我種的大理花常常一年比一年多,都是在初春球根分株得來,有多的就送給客戶或朋友. 秋末要在霜降前去掉土表以上部份挖出球根貯存室內過冬. 它的超長開花期從春末到霜降,真是物超所值的花!


Garden Peony roots planting 種植芍藥球根包

2013-03-18 012

2013-03-18 008

I have bought a pack of garden peony roots to plant them in pots recently. It is a good price for 4 mixed colour double garden peony roots.

Only couple days in the pot, you can see one of the four plants its flower bud is coming! How fast! Looks like pink or red one.

Looking forward when it blooms!

最近買了一包重瓣混合色的芍藥球根包來盆植.一包有4棵,價格很便宜. 合台幣約350元. 這樣一棵不到100元.

種下沒幾天已經出芽帶花苞,生長速度超快! 很期待開花,雖然院子裡也有其它的芍藥和牡丹,這在室內快速成長的芍藥也許會跟戶外牡丹一起開吧.

Some kitchen scraps are good planting materials! 廚餘回收種植

甜菜頭Beet Root青蔥Green Onion

Some kitchen scraps are good planting materials! 廚餘回收種植
Before spring, we can start to grow some vegetable seeding indoors. Actually you can use a short cut. Here are some things I do that you might like.
Green Onion and Spinach — leave the root part a bit longer (5-7cm) for planting, stick them into soil, water and grow.
Beet Root — before you peel them, leave the beet top about 1.5-2cm, place the cut part on top of the soil, water and grow. Beet green tastes like spinach.
Sprouting onion, garlic, ginger, yam and potato — just plant them in soil outside when the weather is warm enough.
Rotting strawberry, blue berry, tomato, pepper — fruit is not good for eating, but their seeds are still good for planting.
Yam stems — if you eat the yam leaves, you can save the rough chewy stems for planting, simply plant the stems in the soil, water and grow.
All these examples will save you some growing time compared with growing from seeds. You will harvest a lot faster than you can imagine.
The most important thing is that you will have less kitchen waste. The remaining kitchen scraps can be composted to feed your garden.