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Spring visit in TBG 春訪多倫多市立植物園

Spring visit in TBG 春訪多倫多市立植物園

So beautiful and so many people…


2014-05-19 043 (Medium)

double daffodil (Narcissus Delnashaugh)

2014-05-19 070 (Medium)

barrenwort (Epimedium × youngianum ‘Roseum’)

2014-05-19 061 (Medium)

Anemone blanda

2014-05-19 059 (Medium)

Tulips and Fothergilla

2014-05-19 073 (Medium)

Lenten rose (Hellebores)

2014-05-19 064 (Medium)

Lenten rose (Hellebores)

2014-05-19 075 (Medium)


2014-05-19 074 (Medium)

bleeding-heart (Dicentra)

2014-05-19 054 (Medium)

donkey tail spurge (Euphorbia myrsinites)

2014-05-19 049 (Medium)2014-05-19 053 (Medium)2014-05-19 039 (Medium)2014-05-19 040 (Medium)2014-05-19 067 (Medium)2014-05-19 078 (Medium)

Weeping redbud

Weeping redbud (Cercis canadensis)

2014-05-19 090 (Medium)


2014-05-19 086 (Medium)

Eastern redbud

2014-05-19 094 - Copy (Medium)

Spring snowflake (Leucojum)

2014-05-19 083 (Medium)

weeping redbud flowers (Cercis)

2014-05-19 088 (Medium)2014-05-19 091 (Medium)

Common bluebell

Common bluebell

2014-05-19 111 (Medium)


2014-05-19 118 (Large)


2014-05-19 116 (Medium)

purple beech (Fagus sylvatica ‘Purpurea’)

prarie smoke(Geum triflorum)

prarie smoke(Geum triflorum)

2014-05-19 102 (Medium)

Callery pear (Pyrus calleryana)

2014-05-19 097 (Medium)2014-05-19 098 (Medium)2014-05-19 100 (Medium)2014-05-19 101 (Medium)2014-05-19 104 (Medium)2014-05-19 120 (Medium)2014-05-19 125 (Large)

2014-05-19 109 (Medium)


Problem and Solution — DIY this mixture to protect your tulips! 保護鬱金香的自製油膏

Problem and Solution — DIY this mixture to protect your tulips! 保護鬱金香的自製油膏

For some gardeners have this animal problem in spring for your tulips…  I have solution!

Ideal time to use this mixture —  when flowers shown but still green.

Squirrel chopped off and discarded the tulip.

Squirrel chopped off and discarded this tulip.

Ingredients of DIY this mixture to protect your tulips! 保護鬱金香的自製油膏材料

Ingredients of DIY this mixture to protect your tulips! 保護鬱金香的自製油膏材料

Applying this mixture on the stem near flower to protect your tulips away from squirrels在接近花朵的花莖上塗抹保護鬱金香的自製油膏材料

Applying this mixture on the stem near flower to protect your tulips from squirrels在接近花朵的花莖上塗抹保護鬱金香的自製油膏材料

After apply the mixture.

After applying the mixture.

May you all enjoy nice tulips in spring!

May you all enjoy nice tulips in your spring garden!

You will need:

1.  garden sulphur – you can get this from garden centres or nurseries — inexpensive!

2. petroleum jelly (Vaseline or any brand) – oil base so it is water proof, cheap, harmless and easy to get!

3. disposable gloves

4. cotton swabs (Q-tips) or small brush

5. small re-sealable container to store leftover

6. measuring spoon

1. Mix garden sulphur and petroleum jelly together, ratio 1:1, you can mix it on a piece of cardboard or on a stiff plastic bag.

2. Scrape the mixture in a re-sealable bottle or bag, store it room temperature, away from sunlight.

3. Wear disposalable gloves first when you are going to apply the mixture.  Otherwise the strong sulphur smell is very hard to get rid of.   In case of the mixture getting on your skin, it is not toxic but rather unpleasant to smell.   You can try to soak and wash your hands in strong tea, that will help a lot!

4. Use Q-tips or small brush to dip the paste and then smear a thin coat on the tulip flower stem, near the flower.

5. Dispose the gloves and used Q-tips, store away the mixture for next spring use.  Keep the mixture away from children and pets.

All wild animals have a very sensitive sense of smell.  Through my years of experimentation, this really works!  This oil based mixture is really waterproof from heavy rain or storms.  When you apply it with a thin smear, you barely can see the mixture but the unpleasant smell will warn and annoy the wild animals, so they will stay away.

I hope this will help you and you all can enjoy nice tulips in your spring garden!


How to grow Tulip from seeds(Tulipa)鬱金香種子孵法

How to grow Tulip from seeds(Tulipa)鬱金香種子孵法

Spring tulips.(Tulipa)春天的鬱金香.

Spring tulips.(Tulipa)春天的鬱金香.

Spring tulips.(Tulipa)春天的鬱金香.

Spring tulips.(Tulipa)春天的鬱金香.

So, this is what tulip seeds look like…Open the ripe seed pod, look for the viable seeds.
You can plant seeds but it will take 3-5 years to have first flower.

2013-07-12 074 (Medium)2013-07-12 075 (Medium)

2013-07-12 077 (Medium)

Select viable seeds from ripen tulip seed pods. (Left lower corner in the picture.)(Tulipa) 由鬱金香成熟種莢中分離有效種子.(左下角)

Tulip seed germination.(Tulipa) 鬱金香種子孵出.

Tulip seed germination.(Tulipa) 鬱金香種子孵出.

How to grow tulips from seeds:


Don’t know if you want to do it but I just do this to show anyone who is curious this is doable.  🙂

Of course, buying bulbs is faster and inexpensive.

可能大家不可能孵,種子取得可能也有難度.  這篇是來滿足大家的好奇心.  以前我直播過也有長出.  為了拍照和記錄特別用苗盆再孵一次.  當然了,買球來種比較快也不貴.

1.Select viable seeds from ripen seed pods.  Dry but refrigerate these seeds.

1.由成熟的種莢中篩選有效種子.  乾燥保存但不冰.

2.Sowing in late fall or early winter indoors.  Fill the moist but not soggy potting soil in the container with lid to keep the moisture.  Place the seeds on the surface of soil, keep the lid on. Place the container in partial shade location indoors, room temperature.

2.初冬播種於培養土的有蓋苗盆的土表,上蓋. 苗盆置於半日照.  室溫就可以了.

3.Open the lid to check the progress and for fresh air shortly once in every 2-3 days until seeds germinate.

3.每兩三天開蓋短暫透氣一次.  上蓋續孵到發芽.

4.Pick the sprouted seeds carefully and plant them individually in pots or in the ground.  Partial shade until growing leaves than move them to full sun location.

4.孵出芽後揀出個別盆植. 半日照到快出葉轉全日照.

My spring backyard — Tulips春之後院–鬱金香群

2013-05-09 002 (Large)2013-05-09 067 (Large)2013-05-09 029 (Large)2013-05-09 017 (Medium)2013-05-09 012 (Large)2013-05-09 011 (Large)2013-05-09 032 (Large)
2013-05-09 066 (Large)

Here is my spring backyard, I designed it years ago, under arbour is where we hang out for afternoon tea and do bird watching. It is spring time full with tulips. Of course when tulips are gone, other flowers take place according to different seasons and the garden fragrances will also change.

這裡是幾年前我設計的我家的後院,現在開了不少的鬱金香,涼棚下是我們喝下午茶和賞鳥的地方. 當然鬱金香謝後會有其它的花代之而起,隨著季節改變後院的景色和香氣也不同.

May Garden-1/3 五月花園(上旬)

May Garden-1/3 五月花園(上旬)
There are too many flowers to post, so I divided them to 3 periods of time to post. Enjoy the viewing!
2013-05-05 044 (Large)2013-05-05 076 (Large)2013-05-05 068 (Large)2013-05-05 040 (Large)2013-05-05 027 (Large)2013-05-05 070 (Large)2013-05-05 058 (Large)2013-05-05 067 (Large)2013-05-05 053 (Large)2013-05-05 031 (Large)2013-05-05 023 (Large)2013-05-05 021 (Large)2013-05-05 018 (Large)2013-05-05 017 (Large)2013-05-05 012 (Large)2013-05-05 007 (Large)2013-05-05 005 (Large)
2013-05-05 002 (Large)

April Garden四月花園

April Garden四月花園
2013-04-27 032 (Large)2013-04-27 024 (Large)2013-04-27 018 (Large)2013-04-27 016 (Large)2013-04-27 008 (Large)2013-04-27 004 (Large)2013-04-27 036 (Large)2013-04-27 041 (Large)

2013-04-27 038 (Large)

一莖多花又會變色的鬱金香Multiheaded Tulips ‘Antoinette’

–現在正綻放在小徑上, 顏色從幾乎純黃慢慢地渲染成紅色喔!  相當獨特!  照片分享

This multiheaded tulips value their multi-headed blooms, they bloom from almost pure yellow then slowly turning to red  right on side of my front yard path.   How unique!

here is the package

look the row of yellow multiheaded tulips carefully..picture taking on 05/03

slowly the colour turning red..picture taking on 05/04

the colour is reder…picture taking on 05/09

the colour eventually became this red..2010/05/19,–I forgot to take pictures last year.

鬱金香 Tulips (Tulipa)







蜂鳥也來拜訪老友敘舊 耳鬢呢喃後又形色匆匆而去