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Veggie planters update! 蔬菜種植箱的進度.

I planted spinach and pak choi seeds in this planter. On both sides are cherry tomatoes and climbing cucumbers and peas. Cherry tomatoes are flowering and fruiting along with peas and cucumbers! I grew these seedlings from seeds in early spring. There are couple of wax beans inside as well to experiment this year. 初春播種種子成長的小苗和種子直播種植出的. 由左而右為小蕃茄,菠菜,小白菜,大黃瓜和豌豆.
So soon another two weeks I should be able to enjoy the first harvest of pak choi for stir-fry! Looks so tender and yummy alreay…
好快就長到開花結果的階段,再兩週應該小白菜就可第一次收成炒來吃了! 看起來真是鮮嫩可口啊…
The other planter is for slow growing veggies. 另一箱種的是較長生長期的蔬菜.
2013-06-03 planter (Medium)

Taste comparison of strawberry spinach and spinach 草莓菠菜和菠菜的試吃比較

Taste comparison of strawberry spinach and spinach 草莓菠菜和菠菜的試吃比較
2013-03-06 002 (Small)

2013-03-06 001 (Small)
L: Strawberry Spinach leaves草莓菠菜葉
R: Spinach leaves菠菜葉

1.Result of Eating Raw 生食
L:mild taste, little after taste; thin foliage, red color under leaf無強烈口味,葉片較薄. 葉背紅褐色.
R:mild taste, no after taste; thicker foliage, lighter green under leaf無強烈口味,葉片較厚有肉. 葉背淺綠色.

2.Result of stir-fry cooking 快炒熟食
L:tender, taste very similar with spinach, a little bit like Gynura bicolor, the soup juice is red.
葉薄易煮熟,口感非常像菠菜,有一點點偏向嫩葉的紅鳳菜. 煮後因葉片薄感覺量縮水. 也像紅鳳菜(Gynura bicolor)煮後有紅湯汁產生.
R:meatier tender taste, more volume, the soup juice is light green.
葉厚,煮熟時間稍晚一點點. 量減少較少. 煮後湯汁呈淺綠.
Later on when the strawberry spinach fruit, I will let everyone knows its taste. If you have planted these plants before, please let me know how you like them.
等草莓菠菜結果後會分享我的試吃心得. 若你種過這種植物,也請分享你吃過的心得.

Some kitchen scraps are good planting materials! 廚餘回收種植

甜菜頭Beet Root青蔥Green Onion

Some kitchen scraps are good planting materials! 廚餘回收種植
Before spring, we can start to grow some vegetable seeding indoors. Actually you can use a short cut. Here are some things I do that you might like.
Green Onion and Spinach — leave the root part a bit longer (5-7cm) for planting, stick them into soil, water and grow.
Beet Root — before you peel them, leave the beet top about 1.5-2cm, place the cut part on top of the soil, water and grow. Beet green tastes like spinach.
Sprouting onion, garlic, ginger, yam and potato — just plant them in soil outside when the weather is warm enough.
Rotting strawberry, blue berry, tomato, pepper — fruit is not good for eating, but their seeds are still good for planting.
Yam stems — if you eat the yam leaves, you can save the rough chewy stems for planting, simply plant the stems in the soil, water and grow.
All these examples will save you some growing time compared with growing from seeds. You will harvest a lot faster than you can imagine.
The most important thing is that you will have less kitchen waste. The remaining kitchen scraps can be composted to feed your garden.