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‘Buttercup’ Squash’ 奶油杯’小南瓜

‘Buttercup’ Squash’ 奶油杯’小南瓜

'Buttercup' Squash' 奶油杯'小南瓜

‘Buttercup’ Squash’ 奶油杯’小南瓜

It is so easy to grow and fast growing! I can see there are at least 3 male flower buds are on the way! Hope soon it will start to grow female flowers as well so it can fruit! 🙂 From seed to harvest squash is about 3 months or so. It is important to start some seedling early.

非常容易種又長的快! 目前已有至少3朵雄花的花苞形成了! 希望母花也很快來花才能結瓜. 從種子到結了瓜收成約要3個月左右所以早點種出健康的小苗是很重要的.

I also have 2 other ‘Buttercup’ seedlings and some cherry tomatoes, few yellow zucchini seedling and other veggie seedlings.. 🙂

除了還有兩株’奶油杯’小南瓜小苗外我還有一些小蕃茄的苗,幾株黃色的夏南瓜苗.. 🙂

Coriander (Coriandrum sativum)芫荽

Coriander (Coriandrum sativum)芫荽
2013-11-14 008 (Medium)
Coriander (Coriandrum sativum), also known as cilantro, Chinese parsley, it is an annual herb. Coriander is native from southern Europe and North Africa to southwestern Asia. I am surprise that it is so cold tolerant. This photo was taken after -5 C. It is still vital and green!

芫荽是一年生草本的香菜植物,開白色小花,自花授粉,很容易結子繁殖. 沒想到它這麼的耐寒,此照片是經過幾天攝氏零下5度後拍的,仍然有綠意且生意盎然!

Buttercup Squash! ‘奶油杯’小南瓜

Buttercup Squash! ‘奶油杯’小南瓜
Buttercup Squash-1Buttercup Squash

1 month old seedling grow so fast! Only 5 leaves but 9 flower buds already!

這個是吃了好吃才決定要種的. 瓜肉是香甜又鬆Q,吃起來很有滋味,我用來做吐司和濃湯,奶油黃的瓜肉很令人食指大動.

種了1個月大的苗只有5片小葉卻已有9個花苞,生長很快速! 即使是雄花也有得吃了!


Some kitchen scraps are good planting materials! 廚餘回收種植

甜菜頭Beet Root青蔥Green Onion

Some kitchen scraps are good planting materials! 廚餘回收種植
Before spring, we can start to grow some vegetable seeding indoors. Actually you can use a short cut. Here are some things I do that you might like.
Green Onion and Spinach — leave the root part a bit longer (5-7cm) for planting, stick them into soil, water and grow.
Beet Root — before you peel them, leave the beet top about 1.5-2cm, place the cut part on top of the soil, water and grow. Beet green tastes like spinach.
Sprouting onion, garlic, ginger, yam and potato — just plant them in soil outside when the weather is warm enough.
Rotting strawberry, blue berry, tomato, pepper — fruit is not good for eating, but their seeds are still good for planting.
Yam stems — if you eat the yam leaves, you can save the rough chewy stems for planting, simply plant the stems in the soil, water and grow.
All these examples will save you some growing time compared with growing from seeds. You will harvest a lot faster than you can imagine.
The most important thing is that you will have less kitchen waste. The remaining kitchen scraps can be composted to feed your garden.