Rhododendron seedlings update酒紅杜鵑種苗的進展

Rhododendron seedlings update酒紅杜鵑種苗的進展
It has been a month from seeds…you can see they grow slowly…

2016-04-10 006 (Medium)

Rhododendron seedlings update–easy and fast germination. Seedlings do grow slow though. 酒紅杜鵑種苗的進展–種子播出率極高也很快出芽. 可是小苗長速很慢.

2013-12-09 001(Medium)

This is update from the previous post “How to grow Rhododendron and mountain laurel from seeds 酒紅杜鵑及山月桂屬的種子種植方法" below:

4 thoughts on “Rhododendron seedlings update酒紅杜鵑種苗的進展

  1. I have never grown rhododendrons but I do go to a rhododendron garden regularly in Spring season. The blooms are so amazing that I feel like sleeping amidst them forever! I might post a photo of it soon.



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