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芍藥花開Garden Peonies are in bloom!

芍藥花開Garden Peonies are in bloom! Large flowers, some are fragrant and some are not, they are all starting to bloom, nice! 大花有香味的和無香味的都開始綻放了…
2013-06-14 026 (Medium)2013-06-14 027 (Medium)2013-06-14 028 (Medium)2013-06-14 004 (Medium)2013-06-14 005 (Medium)

Enjoying my creeping thyme享受百里香的紫色花毯

It is the time to enjoy my creeping thyme, the purple flower carpet is so fragrant and soft. Time to take a break and enjoy rolling on this spring treat! 🙂 You can grow from stem cuttings or seeds easily.
2013-06-01 012 (Medium)2013-06-01 019 (Medium)