Fruit tea for good vision. 護眼的龍眼紅棗枸杞茶

Fruit tea for good vision. 護眼的龍眼紅棗枸杞茶
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This is a common Chinese Herbal Tea, tastes good and good for your eyes! We have this drink about once or twice a month only and according to our eye doctor, compared with 12 years ago our vision is about same.
It is very simply to make. Only 3 different ingredients: dried go-ji berries, dried longan, dried red dates. The ratio is 1:1:1 — put one handful each in a pot of water, bring to boil and then simmer until red dates center is soft. All these dried fruit have a natural sweetness, so no sugar is needed. Serve warm, like tea.
All ingredients can be purchased in any Asian grocery store/supermarket or a Chinese traditional pharmacy. It is not expensive.
最近去眼科醫生那裡作例行的檢查,12年了視力還是和以前一樣. 我覺得要多推薦這種我們常喝的護眼飲料–龍眼紅棗枸杞茶. 材料容易購得也不貴,容易做又好喝–1比1比1加一鍋水煮到紅棗軟熟,1個月喝個1-2次.
最好年輕時就常喝護眼,因為這個再好也只能延緩視力的老化,對於已有深度近視或眼疾的人而言是無法有療效的. 對我們而言12年了視力都未有改變,已經相當難能可貴.

24 thoughts on “Fruit tea for good vision. 護眼的龍眼紅棗枸杞茶

  1. This sounds interesting and tasty! I’ll have to try this. My distance vision is still excellent but I’m having to resort to reading glasses for detail work now. Is there a reason you only drink it once or twice a month? Do you think it can be safely consumed more often?

  2. You can get goji-berry plants from a nursery I know of called Raintree Nursery. They have excellent plants and excellent service (I don’t work there! I’m just a satisfied customer). They specialize in edible landscaping plants. It sounds like we share an interest in growing things and eating them too, so I thought I would pass the resource along. Also, thank you so much for visiting my blog! It is such a shock to find that people read what you write!

      • No no no. I was thanking you for reading *my* blog. I meant to say it’s such a shock that someone else would be reading what *I* write. I’ve signed up to follow your blog. I am very interested in what your writing. This is a simple miscommunication; I certainly had no intention of offering you such a terrible insult when you had gone to all the trouble to visit my blog. I apologize for being unclear.

      • Well, that’s fine. Your apology is accepted. I don’t know where you live but in China town, you can buy go-ji berry shoots stems (leaves as veggie to cook with scramble eggs or boil them in soup), the thicker stems can be grow easily by stick them 3-4inches in the soil, just you know.


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