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Fruit tea for good vision. 護眼的龍眼紅棗枸杞茶

Fruit tea for good vision. 護眼的龍眼紅棗枸杞茶
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This is a common Chinese Herbal Tea, tastes good and good for your eyes! We have this drink about once or twice a month only and according to our eye doctor, compared with 12 years ago our vision is about same.
It is very simply to make. Only 3 different ingredients: dried go-ji berries, dried longan, dried red dates. The ratio is 1:1:1 — put one handful each in a pot of water, bring to boil and then simmer until red dates center is soft. All these dried fruit have a natural sweetness, so no sugar is needed. Serve warm, like tea.
All ingredients can be purchased in any Asian grocery store/supermarket or a Chinese traditional pharmacy. It is not expensive.
最近去眼科醫生那裡作例行的檢查,12年了視力還是和以前一樣. 我覺得要多推薦這種我們常喝的護眼飲料–龍眼紅棗枸杞茶. 材料容易購得也不貴,容易做又好喝–1比1比1加一鍋水煮到紅棗軟熟,1個月喝個1-2次.
最好年輕時就常喝護眼,因為這個再好也只能延緩視力的老化,對於已有深度近視或眼疾的人而言是無法有療效的. 對我們而言12年了視力都未有改變,已經相當難能可貴.