DIY Garbage Enzyme 環保酵素的製作

DIY Garbage Enzyme 環保酵素的製作

For those people who want to make their own organic liquid fertilizer plus, you might want to check this out! Dr. Rosukon’s Garbage Enzyme DIY You can save some money!

I have made some today. Ratio is 10 L water : 3 kg kitchen veggie and fruit scraps : 1 kg brown sugar. Mix well and seal in a container. (Leave some room for air, do not overfill. You should open the lid to let air escape from the container once a week.) It will take 3 months for the fermentation process then you can remove the solid and bury them in soil as fertilizer, the liquid part can be use for many things!

I find my gardening friends like to use this because it is a safe and effective fertilizer and pesticide to plants. It can also be used for shampoo, dish washer and detergent! Later this year, I will be use it for my vegetable garden!


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  2. I have known about compost teas for a few years. I compost and use it on my garden but have never made a tea from it yet. I will have to give that a try this year. Thanks for this post as it reminded me about it.


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