DIY愛不釋手的日本楓小品盆栽 DIY Your Tea Cup Size Japanese Maple Bonsai


ImageImageImageImageImage                                                                           It is fun to create your own bonsai, ask your neighbour or collect your own Japanese maple tree seeds, grow them in cold weather or in the fridge.  Purchase a few suitable sized tea cups or find them in a thrift store at a very cheap price.

Flip the tea cup up side down, use electric drill with a ceramic/glass use drill bit to drill through the tea cup to create a hole for water to drain.

Add just enough organic soil to plant your mini tree in the tea cup pot, place the moss and rock on top of the soil.

Water right away after planting and then let it sit on top of another bigger pot, place them in an area of partial shade  for 2 weeks to set.

Water your bonsai regularly, you can leave them outdoors over winter in the bigger pot surrounded with good soil which can avoid easily drying out in winter.

Enjoy your pet plant!

Go higher level of bonsai,check this web link, you will like it!

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