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How To Grow Wisteria From Seed 紫藤種子孵法

How to grow Wisteria from seed. 紫藤種子孵法

Wisteria flowers

Wisteria flowers


Germination of Wisteria seeds

Germination of Wisteria seeds

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How to grow Wisteria from seed. — So easy, you can grow it even in a jar. This is a reblooming Wisteria seedling. 紫藤種子孵法–非常簡單,玻璃瓶都能拿來種. 這棵是續開型紫藤的實生苗.

Wisteria seedling 紫藤實生苗

Wisteria seedling 紫藤實生苗

1.Get seeds from mature seed pods. Soak seeds in clean water for 3 days. 取得成熟的新鮮種子來種植. 清水浸泡種子3天.

2.Peel seed covers and then continue to use clean water to soak them in a warm and bright place. 剝去種皮後用清水續泡種子,置於溫暖明亮處.

3.Seeds will germinate in 4-7 days. Germination rate is very high. Plant each seed in a 3″ pot with regular soil in partial shade area and keep soil moist until seedlings are one foot high then move seedling to ground or full sun area. 種子會於4-7天發芽. 發芽率很高. 一顆種子種一3吋小盆,長到1呎高後再地植或換盆並從半日照處轉為全日照.

Something you should know about wisteria…有關紫藤的其它事情在你種植前應該知道的…

1.It has long life span — approximately 500 years! 壽命很長–約有500年.

2.They grow and flower best in full sun location but they can still live in full shade areas as well. 雖全日照處開花最多也最佳,但在陰暗處也能存活.

3.They become “vine" if they have any support, and they become a “tree" without support.有依附物則為"藤",無依附物則為"樹".

4.They are very hardy, USDA Zones 3 and almost no pest and diseases target on them. 生命力非常強,很耐寒. 幾乎沒有特別的病蟲害.

5.Seeds contain toxin. 種子有毒含有氰化物,勿食.

6.The vine has extremely strong twining power (clockwise or counter clockwise) and has a bad reputation for damaging roofs or killing the support trees. It is better to train it free standing as a tree or with strong structure in open space. 其藤的扭力非常強大(順時鐘或逆時鐘扭轉) 且因此有破壞房子屋頂和誅滅所依附植物的惡名. 故最好令其無依附物長成樹型或空地上建一結構強度大的棚架供其攀爬生長.

7.The reblooming variety such as Wisteria ‘Blue Moon’ can bloom 3 times a year.續開型品種如’藍月’可一年開3次花.

8.Wisteria is a very good plant for bonsai. 紫藤是很好的盆景用植物.

9.Growing wisteria from seeds to flower normally will take 5-6 years. By using poor soil will speed up the time to 3-4 years. 紫藤從種子種到開花一般至少要5-6年的時間. 若用貧瘠的土壤種植可以加速老化所以能提早到3-4年就能開花.