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大花扶桑Dwarf hardy Hibiscus(Hibiscus moscheutos)

大花扶桑Dwarf hardy Hibiscus(Hibiscus moscheutos)
2013-08-28 051 (Medium)2013-08-28 029 (Medium)
Love the big blooms! This one is big, it measures over 12 inches across–although it is not the biggest one in my garden. The biggest one is 13 inches across! It is troublesome to take a picture with tape measure even with camera on timer…
我愛這種大花扶桑! 這朵雖大,經量尺丈量略超過直徑12吋–雖然不是我花園最大的一朵花. 我的最大花記錄有直徑13吋喔! 蠻難邊拿量尺邊拍它的即使相機有定時自拍的設定…

蔓玫Rosa ‘New Dawn’

蔓玫Rosa ‘New Dawn’
Gorgeous, so fragrant, extremely hardy and super long blooming time (from late spring to first snow), it is a must-have climbing rose! 美麗芬芳,強健好養而且花期超長(春末到下初雪)真是值得種的蔓性玫瑰!
Rosa 'New Dawn'
2013-08-25 011 (Medium)

Creeping thyme is blooming! 匍匐性百里香開花了!-part 2

So soft and so fragrant! It is great sitting or lying down on top of it. Wonderful feeling!匍匐性百里香開花成紫花毯,芬芳柔軟,坐或躺在花毯上別有情趣.
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