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Spinach Vine/Caucasian Mountain Spinach (Hablitzia tamnoides)多年生藤菠菜

Spinach Vine/Caucasian Mountain Spinach (Hablitzia tamnoides)多年生藤菠菜

2019-07-25 Spinach VineCaucasian Mountain Spinach (Hablitzia tamnoides)多年生藤菠菜 - Copy

Spinach Vine/Caucasian Mountain Spinach (Hablitzia tamnoides) seeds. 多年生藤菠菜的種子.

Cold hardy perennial vine. Leafy vegetable. Easy to grow. Best growing in full sun to partial shade location. USDA Zonese:5-8. Mature size:4′-8′(H)X 6″-9″(W). Propagate by seeds, cuttings or division.

耐寒強健的多年生草本爬藤. 葉菜. 容易栽種. 最好栽種在全日照到半日照處. 耐寒但不甚耐熱. 成熟株高/藤長為4到8呎,寬幅6到9吋. 繁殖方式以種子,扦插或壓條的方式來進行.

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Spinach Vine


Purple Yam/Ube (Dioscorea purpurea) 紫薯/參薯/山藥

Purple Yam/Ube (Dioscorea purpurea) 紫薯/參薯/山藥

2016-02-03 016 (Large)

Purple Yam (Dioscorea purpurea) small aerial tubers. 紫薯/參薯/山藥的小零餘子.

2017-04-05Purple YamUbe (Dioscorea purpurea) 紫薯or參薯or山藥 - Copy

Purple Yam/Ube (Dioscorea purpurea) the aerial tuber is awake! 紫薯/參薯/山藥的零餘子甦醒了.

2017-07-08 Purple Chines Yam紫山藥 - Copy

Purple Yam/Ube (Dioscorea purpurea) the aerial tuber is growing fast! 紫薯/參薯/山藥的零餘子的芽生長蠻快的.

This tropical food vine is a tender perennial value for its edible tubers and bulbils.  Outer layer of yam is brown and inside the flesh is very purple.   Often are cooked for food/desert, fragrant. USDA Zones:9-11.  Mature size:40′(H/L) X 1.5′-2′(W).  It can be propagated by tubers, bulbils, cuttings or division.  Medicinal.  Fast growing.

熱帶多年生蔓藤主要以可食用的根部與零餘子來種植.  根部及零餘子的外皮褐色但內部為紫色. 常煮後食用或用於料理甜品,這種薯有特別的香味. 喜熱不耐寒.  成熟株高/藤長40呎,寬幅1.5-2呎.  繁殖方式多以地下根莖,零餘子,扦插或分株的方式來進行. 藥用.  生長快速.

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Spiny Bitter Cucumber/Gac (Momordica cochinchinensis) 木鱉果

Spiny Bitter Cucumber/Gac (Momordica cochinchinensis) 木鱉果

2016-02-12 005 (Large)

Spiny Bitter Cucumber/Gac (Momordica cochinchinensis) seeds. 木鱉果的種子.

2016-02-12 007 (Large)

Spiny Bitter Cucumber/Gac (Momordica cochinchinensis) seeds. 木鱉果的種子.


Spiny Bitter Cucumber/Gac (Momordica cochinchinensis) seeds after remove the shells. 木鱉果的種子去殼後的樣子.


Spiny Bitter Cucumber/Gac (Momordica cochinchinensis) seed germination in about 7-10 days. 木鱉果種子約7-10天孵出.

2017-03-13 Gac木鱉果 - Copy

Spiny Bitter Cucumber/Gac (Momordica cochinchinensis) plants start to climb on bamboo sticks. 木鱉果植株開始攀爬在竹枝上面.

Tropical tender perennial vine.  Native in Southeast Asia. Easy to grow.  Best growing in full sun to partial shade location in warm and moist soil.  The value of this plant is in its orange red juicy seed coating/pulp for sticky rice which is vibrant, flavourful and nutritious.  Seeds are toxic if eaten, but it is medicinal.  Spiny fruit peel is dark red with short soft spiny bumps the look is quite unique.  The plant is either male or female.  So make sure you have both for fruit purpose!  Yellow flowers bloom from late spring to fall, fruit ripe in late fall/early winter to late winter.  Tender shoots can be blanched first then for stir-fry.  Unripe green fruit in whole also can be used for cooking.  Fruit start to ripe will be toxic and only the ripe fruit seed red juicy coatings are eaten as fruit.   USDA Zones:9-11.  Mature size:   Seeds are medicinal.  Seeds are toxic if ingested.

木鱉果是熱帶多年生藤類.  原生於南亞各地.  容易栽種. 最好栽種於全日照到半日照處的溫暖濕潤的土壤.  它的栽種價值在於它的熟果內包覆種子的果肉,直接去籽食用或混入米食內料理成顏色鮮艷,味道更佳的營養米食.  種子有毒勿食,種子是有名的中藥材.  橘紅色有短短的軟刺熟果還蠻特別的.  植株是雌雄異株,所以以結果為前提來種植的話要多孵幾顆種子才行以提高雌雄株皆有的機率.  春末到秋開黃花,花後結果於秋末到冬末才成熟.  嫩莖葉可汆燙後炒食.  未熟的綠色果實整顆可以煮食料理.  快轉熟變色的瓜要等熟成後才能食用其包覆種子的果肉.  植株喜熱怕冷.  成熟植株可達30呎長.  

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Welcome, Seedlings! 甜百香果實生苗報到!

Welcome, Seedlings!  甜百香果實生苗報到!

Seedlings of Passiflora ligularis (Grenadilla / Sweet Grenadilla) 甜百香果實生苗

Seedlings of Passiflora ligularis (Grenadilla / Sweet Grenadilla) 甜百香果實生苗

Seedlings of Passiflora ligularis (Grenadilla / Sweet Grenadilla) 甜百香果實生苗

This is the update of this post…


Passiflora ligularis (Grenadilla / Sweet Grenadilla) 甜百香果



Passiflora ligularis (Grenadilla / Sweet Grenadilla) 甜百香果

Passiflora ligularis (Grenadia / Sweet Grenadilla) 甜百香果

Passiflora ligularis   "Sweet Granadilla"

Passiflora ligularis
“Sweet Granadilla"

Passiflora ligularis   "Sweet Granadilla"

Passiflora ligularis
“Sweet Granadilla"

Passiflora ligularis, commonly known as Grenadilla or Sweet Grenadilla is a plant species in the Passiflora genus. See its flower from Wikipedia: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Passiflora_ligularis

It is a fast growing climber with large leaves and it can grow to 14′. It is native to South America and has a strong but fragile, orange skin. The fruit has the shape and size of a plum. The shell is hard and shiny. The fruit contains a yellow, jelly-like pulp with a scattering of black edible seeds. The fruit has a sweet and very little sour flavour.


I like its fruit size and sweetness but I do prefer sweet fragrant juice with balanced acidic flavour. Is there any ‘perfect’ passion fruit variety? Do you know any? I would like to grow few for its pretty flowers and delicious fruit!

我想找想種完美的百香果–有美花欣賞和好吃的水果的品種. 你知道有這種品種嗎?

Growing Large bloom Clematis from Seeds孵大花鐵線蓮種子

Growing Large bloom Clematis from Seeds孵大花鐵線蓮種子

Large bloom Clematis seedlings
It takes a long time to grow but they are so beautiful, definitely worth the effort…


Clematis mutation of this seedling with variegated foliage — you can see the white streak in the center of the leaf. 這株鐵線蓮的小實生苗變異成斑葉,可見葉片中央有白色紋路.

This is how I grow these, method A:

1.Remove the shell from dried seeds.
2.Keep them in a small re-sealable bag with clean water and place the bag somewhere dark and warm.
3.Wait several months for these seeds to sprout. Be patient.
4.Pick those sprouted seeds carefully and plant them individually in soil. Place seedlings in partial shade area until the plants start to climb.
5.Transplant those climbing young plants to the ground with climbing support.

Method B:

1.Get a large re-sealable bag, fill 1/4 to 1/5 of clean soil, mist the soil but when you squeeze the soil, no water come out.                                                                                                                  2.Get a small to medium live earth worm in the bag.   Add the seeds (remove the shell of each seed), seal the bag.                                                                                                                     3.Place the bag in room temperature or slightly warmer than that.   Light requirement is toward to full shade.                                                                                                                       4.Open the bag for fresh air and check the progress once a week.                                         5.Pick out the germinated seeds and plant them in small pot in moist and airy medium.  Low light.                                                                                                                                                6.Move seedlings to partial shade when plants have 6-8 leaves.                                         7.Move the seedlings to partial shade location once is long enough/climbing.  Plant the seedlings in the ground or use deeper pot planting each plant individually.   Plant young plants in partial shade or full sun location right under the structure.


3.等幾個月. 要有耐心.
4.小心撿出長根的種子出來盆植於土中直到小苗開始攀爬. 這期間要半日照.
5.移植小苗到戶外地植. 要給攀爬用的支架/網.


1.取一大夾鏈袋裝乾淨的培養土. 土量為袋子的1/4到1/5的高度.  噴濕帶中土壤到手用力擠不會出水但濕潤的程度.

2.找一條中小型活蚯蚓養在袋中. 撒入要孵的已去殼鐵線蓮種子.

3.袋子置於室溫或稍稍溫暖的地方.  光線需求為室內光線或更暗皆可.


5.種子發芽後要撿出個別用小盆種,土要保濕,介質以透氣高為主.  低光照.


7.小苗開始能爬時可以地植或單獨個別以深盆種植. 半日照或全日照處的支架下.

If you grow enough seeds and you are lucky, you might hit the jackpot finding the mutation(s)!  Like variegated foliage, evergreen or unique flower shape/color(s)! Have fun!

如果孵的種子量夠多又幸運的話,有可能長出變異的小苗,可能有著斑葉,或著植株成為不休眠的常綠,或著開花時有著不尋常的花形/花色!  有孵就有機會享受開獎的驚喜!


Chayote experiment佛手瓜種植實驗(Sechium edule)

Chayote experiment 佛手瓜種植實驗(Sechium edule)
2013-12-17 003 (Medium)

Chayote is a kind of vegetable vine. Its fruit and its tender green shoots are both good vegetables. It is very easy to grow and inexpensive to buy in grocery store/supermarket.

I am letting a chayote growing by the window, later will give soil to cover its roots. This experiment want to see how much progress will the growth be indoor. It is now clinging on the blind of window.

It can be grew this with the whole fruit 1/2 into soil /ground (with one seed inside ) or grow from plant stem cuttings. It is vine so it does require support.

佛手瓜(Sechium edule)是一種葫蘆科佛手瓜屬植物,又稱合掌瓜. 瓜和稱為龍鬚菜的嫩葉都是好蔬菜. 它非常容易栽種,在超級市場或果菜攤都有賣,也不貴. 這個實驗要看看在靠窗的室內的生長勢如何.

可以整個瓜1/2種到土中或用扦插法種植. 因為是爬藤類所以需要支撐物.

Honeysuckle is still blooming 仍在綻放的金銀花

Honeysuckle is still blooming 仍在綻放的金銀花

Honey Suckle
It is November 19, yesterday we have flurries, the recent coldest temperature was minus 5 degree C. And Honeysuckle is still blooming fragrantly! Easy to grow and remain green in winter in Toronto (zone 6). Because its long blooming time and beautiful fragrance, it is very good for cut flower!
耐寒,在多倫多冬天還是常綠的開花藤類. 花期很長從春末到冬初且花香芬芳耐插很適合當切花花材.全日照,容易扦插繁殖.

Late Fall Garden深秋的花園

Late Fall Garden深秋的花園
I am so blessed! There are still flowers blooming in my garden! 🙂
2013-10-20 048 (Medium)
木犀草Sweet Mignonette(Reseda odorata)
2013-10-20 045 (Medium)
金銀花 Hall’s Honeysuckle
2013-10-20 064 (Medium)
2013-10-20 063 (Medium)
2013-10-20 041 (Medium)
2013-10-20 039 (Medium)
2013-10-20 040 (Medium)
矮性醉魚草Butterfly Bush
2013-10-20 047 (Medium)
大花扶桑Winter Hardy Hibiscus(Hibiscus moscheutos)
2013-10-20 038 (Medium)
香堇菜Tricolor Viola
2013-10-20 054 (Medium)
蔓玫Climbing Rose (Rosa ‘New Dawn’)
2013-10-20 056 (Medium)
無刺玫瑰Thornless Rose (Rosa ‘Smooth Velvet’)
2013-10-20 057 (Medium)
2013-10-20 069 (Medium)
2013-10-20 060 (Medium)
2013-10-20 037 (Medium)
秋水仙Autumn Crocus
2013-10-23 002 (Medium)
牽牛花Morning Glory

This is how to grow Clematis from seeds.如何孵鐵線蓮種子.

This is how to grow Clematis from seeds.如何孵鐵線蓮種子.

So, this is easy but will take long time (months) to germinate but it is worthy.

You will need small re-sealable bags and some clematis seeds which already removed shells. Fill with clean water with seeds inside the re-sealable bags, water doesn’t have to fill full. Keep these bags in a plastic container with lid (because they don’t like light to germinate) and place this container somewhere warm (warmer is good for seeds to germinate). Then wait. Check them once a week.

Once you find seeds sprout, pick them from water bag and place them on top of soil, keep soil moist, now they need light. Place them by window if it is indoor growing condition. Then water them and wait couple months, you will have young plants which are ready to climb, plant them outdoor.

鐵線蓮種子去殼後用夾鍊袋裝好泡清水,置於黑暗溫暖處讓它們發芽. 一週檢查一次. 有發芽的種子就撿出放在盆土土表,半日照處,要保持土壤濕度,種子會自己生長. 等本葉長到4-6片就可以種到戶外全日照處,

2013-06-01 007 (Medium)2013-06-01 006 (Medium)2013-06-01 005 (Medium)2013-06-01 004 (Medium)