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More planting area and more yellow zucchini!

More planting area, more cherry tomatoes and yellow zucchini!
2013-08-11 073 (Medium)
2013-08-18 045 (Medium)2013-08-18 008 (Medium)
So far I have harvested over 12 yellow zucchini in one giant plant! Lots of small yummy tomatoes and green leafy veggies. The shallow planter will be used to plant annual herbs with shallow roots next year, such as sweet basil and coriander.

增建更多種植蔬果箱的種植範圍..目前光一棵黃色的夏南瓜就採收了12條瓜和許多雄花雌花,許多小蕃茄和葉菜類. 增建的淺種植區主要是明年要大量種淺根性的一年生香草植物.如甜羅勒和芫荽等.

More garden harvest! 庭園採收樂

More garden harvest! 庭園採收樂
More zucchini, cherry radishes and cherry tomatoes from veggie planters!
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Result of Yellow Zucchini Experiment黃色夏南瓜授粉實驗結果

Result of Yellow Zucchini Experiment黃色夏南瓜授粉實驗結果
I checked the result this morning, flower is wilt and growing zucchini! Great! I am amazed that pollen were still active!
今早檢查做實驗包覆的雌花,已經成熟脫落並且結瓜中! 真厲害! 沒想到過了這麼久的雄花花粉還這麼活躍!2013-07-20 020 (Medium)

First harvest! 第一次收成的菜!

First harvest! 第一次收成的菜!
They are baby pak choi, Chinese green leafy veggie, their growing time is short. Very tender, already eaten! With netting, chicken wire and praying mantis, they are pretty safe. 🙂 這些是收成期很短的小白菜,很嫩,已經炒來吃掉了. 有螳螂吃蟲和網架保護著,不用怕這些菜被莫名其妙啃食.
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Veggie planters update! 蔬菜種植箱的進度.

I planted spinach and pak choi seeds in this planter. On both sides are cherry tomatoes and climbing cucumbers and peas. Cherry tomatoes are flowering and fruiting along with peas and cucumbers! I grew these seedlings from seeds in early spring. There are couple of wax beans inside as well to experiment this year. 初春播種種子成長的小苗和種子直播種植出的. 由左而右為小蕃茄,菠菜,小白菜,大黃瓜和豌豆.
So soon another two weeks I should be able to enjoy the first harvest of pak choi for stir-fry! Looks so tender and yummy alreay…
好快就長到開花結果的階段,再兩週應該小白菜就可第一次收成炒來吃了! 看起來真是鮮嫩可口啊…
The other planter is for slow growing veggies. 另一箱種的是較長生長期的蔬菜.
2013-06-03 planter (Medium)