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Malabar Spinach (Basella alba) 皇宮菜or潺菜

Malabar Spinach (Basella alba)  皇宮菜or潺菜

2017-04-06 Malabar Spinach越南潺菜 (2) - Copy

Malabar Spinach (Basella alba) is a common item in Asian supermarket. 皇宮菜or潺菜是亞洲超市常見的蔬菜.

Tropical vegetable/tender perennial as annual climber.  Easy to grow.  Best growing in full sun to partial shade location.   Fast growing.  Small white flowers in summer to fall.  Berries turn black when ripe.  USDA Zones:9-11.  Mature size:8′-10′(H/L) X9″-1′(W).  Propagate by seeds, cuttings or division.  Yes, you can grow this indoors by the window.  Suitable for growing in containers.  Medicinal.  Self seeds easily.

又稱為白落葵. 熱帶不耐寒多年生作為一年生的蔬菜/爬藤.  容易栽種.  最好栽種在全日照到半日照處.  生長快速. 夏秋開小白花,漿果成熟轉黑.  喜熱不耐寒.  成熟株高/藤長8-10呎,寬幅9吋到1呎.  繁殖以種子,扦插或分株的方式來進行. 有藥用價值.  容易自行落子繁殖.

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Sand Leek or Wild Rocambole (Allium scorodoprasum) 野韭菜

Sand Leek or Wild Rocambole (Allium scorodoprasum) 野韭菜

2017-03-18 Sand Leek or Wild Rocambole (Allium scorodoprasum) 野蒜 - Copy

Sand Leek or Wild Rocambole (Allium scorodoprasum) 野韭菜

Hardy bulbous perennial/vegetable.  The spring first harvest is the best in term of flavour and the aroma!  Easy to grow.  Best growing in full sun to partial shade location.  Prefer to grow in patch or group together rather than spacing out.  Propagate by seeds, bulbs or division.

強健耐寒的多年生球根蔬菜.  春天採收的韭菜是最香最好吃的了!  容易栽種.  最好栽種在全日照到半日照處. 喜成群落生長,個別單獨長時反而長得較不好. 繁殖以種子,球根或分株的方式來進行. 這個跟一般農作的韭菜味道不太一樣,球比較明顯,香味比較濃,但不是太嗆辣.

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Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) 秋葵/羊角豆

Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus)  秋葵/羊角豆

2017-03-20 Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) 秋葵or羊角豆 (4) - Copy

Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) tender seed pods are sold in supermarket. 超市賣的秋葵/羊角豆的嫩種莢.

2016-02-02 006 (Medium)

Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) seeds. 秋葵/羊角豆種子.

2017-03-13 Okra

Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) seeds germinate easily. 秋葵/羊角豆的種子很容易孵出.

Nice vegetable! Easy to grow.  Best growing in full sun location.  Pale yellow flowers in mid spring to early fall.  The edible part is unripe seedpods. Mature size: 4′-6′(H) X 6″-1′(W).   Propagate by seeds.

蠻棒的蔬菜!  容易栽種.  最好栽種在全日照處.  淡黃色花朵從仲春開到初秋. 可食部位為未熟的種莢. 成熟株高4-6呎,寬幅9吋到1呎. 繁殖以種子的方式來進行.

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https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Okra                                                     https://zh.wikipedia.org/zh-tw/%E7%A7%8B%E8%91%B5                          http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/59943/

Common Ice Plant (Mesembryanthemum crystallinum) 非洲冰花

Common Ice Plant (Mesembryanthemum crystallinum) 非洲冰花

2016-01-04 013 (Medium)

Common Ice Plant (Mesembryanthemum crystallinum) seeds. 非洲冰花的細小種子.


Common Ice Plant (Mesembryanthemum crystallinum) seeds germinate quickly! 非洲冰花的種子很快就發芽了!

2017-06-20 Ice Plant - Copy

Common Ice Plant (Mesembryanthemum crystallinum) 非洲冰花

Edible succulent annual or tender perennial/annual.  It has been grown for its leaves as snack to eat them raw or with some seasonings.  Or like in Japan the plants have been made to vegetable salt as a product.  Easy to grow in full sun warm climate in salty soil.   Or water them with salt water.  Easy to propagate from seeds. Small white daisy like flowers in summer.  Mature plant size:6-8cm(H) X 60-120cm(W).  Seeds germinate temperature in between 15C to 20C.  Plants are best growing in between 25C to 30C.   Good to start the seeds in 6 weeks before summer.   USDA Zones:10+. Propagate by seeds or cuttings.

又稱為冰葉日中花,番杏科日中花屬的多肉一年生草本或壽命短的多年生. 常被種來當生食用的葉菜/蔬菜零食或當成蔬菜鹽(因其含鹽高,有鹹味).容易栽種在全日照處的含鹽土壤中.  或溫暖地區以普通土壤種植但以鹽水來澆灌培養. 容易以種子來繁殖.  夏開白色小菊花似的花朵.  多低矮但橫向生長,故成熟株高僅6-8公分,寬幅可達2-4呎.  種子發芽適溫為15-20度C之間. 植株最佳生長溫度則為25-30度C. 喜熱不耐寒.  繁殖方式以種子或扦插來進行.

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Chinese toon (Toona sinensis) 香椿

Chinese toon (Toona sinensis) 香椿


Chinese toon (Toona sinensis) seeds germinated rather easy. 香椿的種子蠻容易孵出的.

2016-04-20 003 (Medium)

Chinese toon (Toona sinensis) seeds. 香椿的種子.

Hardy tree/herb. Easy to grow.  Best growing in full sun to partial shade location.  It is a common herb in Asia which is used for cooking.  It has unique fragrance.  Small white flowers in late spring to early summer.  Flowers attract bees and butterflies.  USDA Zones:5-9.  Mature size:40′(H)/(W).  Propagate by seeds or cuttings.   Medicinal.

強健的落葉喬木/可食的香料或蔬菜也是藥草. 容易栽種.  最好栽種於全日照到半日照處. 有特殊香味,在亞洲為常見的可食蔬菜/香料/藥草.  春末夏初開白色小花,花頗吸引蜂蝶.  耐寒性佳,耐熱性也不錯. 成熟株高/寬幅可達40呎.  可以種子或扦插/高壓的方式來進行繁殖.  有藥用價值.  常見將它用於食物的料理有:香椿醬,香椿炒蛋,香椿豆腐等.

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Ghost Pepper ‘Bhut Jolokia’ (Capsicum chinense) 鬼椒

Ghost Pepper ‘Bhut Jolokia’ (Capsicum chinense) 鬼椒



Ghost Pepper ‘Bhut Jolokia’ (Capsicum chinense) harvest time! 採收鬼椒了!

2016-08-12Ghost Pepper (Medium)

Ghost Pepper ‘Bhut Jolokia’ (Capsicum chinense) is fruiting! 鬼椒結果中!

2016-06-08Ghost Pepper (2) (Medium)

Ghost Pepper ‘Bhut Jolokia’ (Capsicum chinense) 鬼椒

2016-04-24 001 (Medium)

Ghost Pepper ‘Bhut Jolokia’ (Capsicum chinense) seedlings. 鬼椒的實生苗.

2016-02-02 004 (Medium)

Ghost Pepper ‘Bhut Jolokia’ (Capsicum chinense) seeds. 鬼椒種子.

So hot, it has be used in food, as “fence" to keep mammal pest away and as weapon in the military use.  Handle plant with care, use rubber gloves!!   Use only small quantity!!   It is tender perennial.  Easy to grow though.  Best growing in full sun to partial shade location.  Mature size:4′-6′(H)/(W).   Propagate by seeds or cuttings.  If you live in colder climate, you can treat it as annual or cut back the plant and over winter indoors.  Even though no mammal and no bugs will near it, the fruit though some birds will still come to get them.  Bird receptor cells are largely insensitive to capsaicin.  Some bird foods have hot peppers in them, birds do not feel the heat from chili pepper at all.

超級辣,辣到可用於食物料理,生物籬笆驅逐哺乳類動物及作為軍事用的武器.  要戴手套小心勿直接與皮膚接觸到!!  使用於食物需要用很少很少的量!!  它是不耐寒的多年生植物.  還蠻容易栽種的.  最好栽種在全日照到半日照處.  成熟株高/寬幅可達:4-6呎.  可以種子或扦插枝條來繁殖.  若是居住在溫帶較冷的地方可以將植株強剪後室內過冬.  雖然哺乳類動物對辣椒素很敏感.   鳥類因受體細胞無法感知辣椒素的關係,有的鳥類甚至於偏愛食用攙有辣椒的飼料.

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Blue Mini Potatoes(Solanum tuberosum ‘Adirondack Blue’)紫色馬鈴薯

Blue Mini Potatoes(Solanum tuberosum ‘Adirondack Blue’)紫色馬鈴薯


2015-11-17 001 (Medium)

Blue Mini Potatoes(Solanum tuberosum ‘Adirondack Blue’) has purple skin and flesh. 紫色馬鈴薯外皮及裡面都是紫的.

Fun colour when they are mixed with other coloured mini potatoes.  In terms of size, quantity and the price, I will say the price is still on the higher side.  But it is interesting to enjoy the different varieties of food!

紫皮紫肉的馬鈴薯和其他紅皮黃肉和白皮白肉的混合起來還蠻美麗多彩的.  含較高的花青素.  但論大小數量及價格的話是算偏於昂貴的. 但能享受有趣不同的食物品種是很有福氣的!

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