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How to grow tree peony / garden peony from seeds (Paeonia) 牡丹/芍藥種子孵法

How to grow tree peony / garden peony from seeds (Paeonia) 牡丹/芍藥種子孵法

Tree peony flower (Paeonia) 牡丹花'芳紀'.

Tree peony flower (Paeonia ‘Houki’)) 牡丹花’芳紀’.

Tree Peony seed pods.(Paeonia) 牡丹種莢.

Tree Peony seed pods.(Paeonia) 牡丹種莢.

Tree peony seeds (Paeonia) 牡丹種子.

Tree peony seeds (Paeonia) 牡丹種子.

Tree peony seed germination. (Paeonia) 牡丹種子('芳紀'X'連鶴')發芽.

Tree peony seed germination. (Paeonia) 牡丹種子(‘芳紀’X’連鶴’)發芽.


How to grow tree peony / garden peony from seeds (Paeonia) 牡丹/芍藥種子孵法–seeds germination took a year! 種子居然花了1年時間才孵出!

It is not hard but it requires time and patience!  If lack of time or patience, I will suggest you considering buying mature plant in late summer or late fall when garden centres and nurseries have big sale.  Even fresh seeds do not guarantee they will sprout in the next spring/summer.   I am in USDA Zone 6, my tree peonies do not set seeds until mid/late summer.

孵法不難不過需要耐心等待!  倘若你不是很有耐心我建議你在秋末減價時去買開花株來種.  因為即便是新鮮的種子也不保證種下後會在隔年春天發芽. 有時會推遲更久.  我所在的地區不算是很冷的地區,它們的種子成熟的時間點在仲夏和夏末這段期間.

1.These seeds will need to sand or file off a bit the hard shell first.


2.Soil must be moist but not saggy, sterilized soil or growing medium for 1.5-2 months then seeds will germinate.  I did not refrigerate seeds at all.

2.消毒後的土壤/介質保濕但不可有積水. 種子放土表,我沒有冰也沒有埋. 約1.5-2個月會發芽.

3.I prefer to let them stay dense together until they are sprouting then pick the sprouting seeds up for planting individually.  The fresh seeds will germinate faster than older seeds.  If your tree peony setting seeds, better do it before drying them for storage.  The growing rate will be lot of higher and faster.

3.我是將發芽了的種子揀出單獨種一盆省卻移植的麻煩和損傷.  種子越新鮮發芽率越高也越快發芽,最好是種子馬上採收後即種下也不要乾燥它們.

4.Grow seedlings in partial shade location until they have 4 leaves then move them to full sun location.   Seeds grow very slow.  From the sign of sprouting to first green leaf will take few weeks.  Be patient! 🙂

4.實生苗半日照一直到小苗有4片本葉,然後轉全日照. 種苗長速很慢, 一定要有耐心喔!  🙂