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孵蓮子囉! Growing Lotus from seeds

2013-02-09 0012013-02-09 0132013-02-09 010孵蓮子囉! Growing Lotus from seeds

Pictures shown the tools you will need and the progress of growing. From day zero (removing shell) than day 1 (seed soaked and inflatted), day 2 (the tiny green shoot shown), day 3 (seed cracked and green shoot shown more) and day 4 (you can see the root shown a bit and leaf formed and streched). They grow rather fast and magical!

The seed has very hard shell on, you will need tool to remove the shell otherwise it will not asord water at all. Use pliers to stablize the seed and use utility knife to cut the round end (where the shoots will come out), the other end is pointy end (where the roots will grow).

The seed shell is quite smooth, very slippery to cut. Becareful don’t hurt yourself or the seeds… It needs practice to get better of removing sell. Be patient!

According to my reserch, it will take 3 months to a year from a seed to grow the first flower. Here I am growing white single, white double, pink single, pink double and one is large white single. I will keep update the progress!

孵蓮子囉! 花友送的禮物.

第一先用工具固定後去厚皮. 然後就泡水置於溫暖處. 很快就會長出綠色的小葉片. 待根長出後用土種在小盆放水裡養,或直接種在缸碗裡,需全日照. 這次孵的這些是不耐寒的,冬天要搬進屋. 從孵種子到開花至少3個月或隔年. 好期待喔!