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好吃又容易做的南瓜麵包Delicious and easy making squash bread

Squash bread南瓜麵包


Delicious and easy making squash bread:




Squash with skin on 350g — washed, seed removed, cut to small pieces

清水 1 .5 杯

Water 1.5 Cups


Use a big pot cook above ingredients with medium heat then turn simmer to soften the sqush.  Turn off the heat and let it cool.  Use a fork to mash the squash.


All-purpose flour 6 Cups

蛋 1 只

1 Large Egg

1.5 茶匙鹽

1.5 Teaspoons Salt

1.5 茶匙乾酵母粉

1.5 Teaspoons Quick rise dry yeast

2 個矽膠麵包模子

2 Silica bread molds


Slowly to make the dough together, spread some flour on the clean table then put the made dough on the floured table.

將麵團倒在桌面弄平成一長方形約60公分長20寬 ,用刀子從中間切成2等份,各捲成像瑞士捲一樣開口向下. 一份一份置入矽膠麵包模子裡放入烤箱待發酵,約3小時.

Roll the dough into a 60cmx20cm rectangle shape, cut it into 2 equal pieces with knife.  Roll each piece as cake roll, with opening downwards.  Place dough in a bread mold one by one.  Keep the molds in the oven to rise about 3 hours.


Bake bread at 375 F for about 20 minuates or until the top of bread showing a bit golden.   Turn off the oven, use the leftover heat continue the baking about 5-10 minuates.