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Spiral Ginger (Costus vargasii ‘Raspberry Yogurt’ ) 螺旋薑

Spiral Ginger (Costus vargasii ‘Raspberry Yogurt’) 螺旋薑

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2016-04-23 007 (Medium)

Spiral Ginger (Costus vargasii ‘Raspberry Yogurt’) start to grow spiral upward. 螺旋薑開始呈螺旋式向上生長了.

Purple or Blue Ginger

Spiral Ginger (Costus vargasii ‘Raspberry Yogurt’) bulb. 螺旋薑薑塊.

Not edible ginger, this type of tropical ginger stems grow spiral up, aromatic green foliage with purple under side.  Pink flower stems with bamboo/sugar can like obvious knuckle liked joints.  Bright yellow flowers bloom from bright red flower head in mid summer.  Easy to grow.  Best growing in full sun to partial shade location in moist but well drained soil.  USDA Zones:9-11.  Mature size:4′-6′(H)/(W).  Propagate by seeds/cuttings/bulbs/division.  Thanks for gardener’s sharing!
薑科閉鞘薑屬的熱帶多年生草本植物而非吃的薑. Costus vargasii ‘Raspberry Yogurt’ 有罕見的莖呈螺旋形向上盤旋生長,葉面綠葉背紫有香味,花莖有粉紅色節點有點像是竹/蔗的莖,花鞘鮮紅,花為亮黃色於仲夏時開花. 蠻奇特的! 喜全日照到半日照用排水良好的溼潤土壤種植,   喜熱怕冷. 容易栽種及繁殖. 成熟株高及寬幅:4-6呎. 感謝花友的分享交換.

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