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Jabuticaba(Plinia cauliflora)嘉寶果/樹葡萄

Jabuticaba(Plinia cauliflora)嘉寶果/樹葡萄

2019-03-01 Jabuticaba(Plinia cauliflora)嘉寶果樹葡萄 (1) - Copy

Jabuticaba(Plinia cauliflora) seedling growing leaves. 嘉寶果/樹葡萄的種子長出葉片.

This aromatic tropical fruit tree is very unique.  Repeatly bloom on the trunk and branches and when tree aged the bark will show more paper bark like. Flowers attract bees and butterflies. Easy to grow.  Best growing in full sun location in warm climate.  Fruit is very sweet and juicy which attract birds and excellent for human comsumption.  USDA Zones:9-11. Mature size:8′-40′(H) X 15′-20′(W).  Propagate by seeds, air-layering and grfting.

熱帶果樹,也叫擬愛神木,樹葡萄(可食果實長的像葡萄). 這種果樹長的蠻特別的.  花與果皆著生在枝幹的表面. 樹幹有著像是脫皮中的皮紋. 所開的小白花有淡淡的香氣,頗吸引蜂蝶. 溫暖的氣候區可全年開花不斷.  果實可以食用甜而多汁,只是果皮有點厚,除了人類可以食用外鳥類也很愛吃它的果實.  植株喜熱不耐寒.  成熟株高8-40呎,寬幅15-20呎.   繁殖要以非乾燥過的新鮮種子,高壓或嫁接的方式來進行.

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