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Black Bugbane (Cimicifuga) 黑葉升麻

Black Bugbane (Cimicifuga) 黑葉升麻

Black Bugbane (Cimicifuga) 黑葉升麻

Black Bugbane (Cimicifuga) 黑葉升麻

Black Bugbane is forming flowers.(Cimicifuga) 黑葉升麻花苞形成中.

Black Bugbane is forming flowers.(Cimicifuga) 黑葉升麻花苞形成中.

Black Bugbane is flowering. (Cimicifuga) 黑葉升麻開的花.

Black Bugbane is flowering. (Cimicifuga) 黑葉升麻開的花.

2017-11-25 Black Cohosh (1) - Copy

Black Bugbane (Cimicifuga) seed pods and seeds.黑葉升麻的種莢與種子.

This slow growing hardy perennial is good for its height, foliage texture and purple black foliage color.  Best growing in partial shade to full shade location in moist soil.  Some are good for in full sun to partial shade location.  USDA Zones:3-9.  Mature size: 4′-5′(H) X 2.5′-3′(W).  Summer blooming.  Light pink-white fragrant flowers is good for cut flower.  Propagate by seeds or dividing the plant clumps.

這個長速慢的強健多年生草花有相當的高度,葉形及紫黑的葉色都很不普通.  以半日照處到全蔭處為佳,喜溼潤的土壤.  耐寒也耐熱.  成熟株高4-5呎,寬幅2.5-3呎.  夏天開淡粉近白色的頂生花,可做切花.  繁殖以種子或分株分式來進行.

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Gas Plant (Dictamnus) 白鮮

Gas Plant (Dictamnus) 白鮮

2018-05-31 Gas Plant (Dictamnus) 白鮮 (3) - Copy

Gas Plant (Dictamnus) in my garden. 花園裡的白鮮開花了.

2016-05-21Gas Plant (1) (Medium)

2016-05-21Gas Plant (2) (Medium)

Gas Plant (Dictamnus) 白鮮

2016-05-24 006 (Medium)

Gas Plant before flower stems appear.(Dictamnus) 白鮮植株未抽出花梗前.

Gas Plant before flower stems appear.(Dictamnus) 白鮮植株未抽出花梗前.

2016-06-08Gas Plant白鮮 (1) (Medium)

Gas Plant (Dictamnus) growing seed pods after hand pollination. 白鮮人工授粉後開始結種莢.

2016-06-07Gas Plant Seed Pod (Medium)

Gas Plant Seed Pod.(Dictamnus)白鮮的種莢.

2018-07-21 Gas Plant (Dictamnus) 白鮮 (1) - Copy

Gas Plant (Dictamnus) the seed pods can be bagged to capture the mature seeds. 白鮮的種夾可以用網袋套住紮好以免種子成熟後亂噴不見.

2018-07-21 Gas Plant (Dictamnus) 白鮮 (2) - Copy

Gas Plant (Dictamnus) seed pods and seeds. 白鮮的種夾與種子.

2019-01-23 gas plant (dictamnus) 白鮮 - copy

Gas Plant (Dictamnus) seeds germination in about 4-5 months. 白鮮的種子約孵4-5個月的時間.

Why gas plant got the name?  中文若直接意譯為:瓦斯花,名字怎麼來的?

Dictamnus plants produce essential oil and essential oil volatile isoprene. Isoprene is produced by many plants.

白鮮植物產生精油,精油揮發出來產生的易燃氣體異戊二烯. 許多植物都能產生這種氣體.

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Mooseksenpalavapensas, Gas Plant or Burning Bush, Dictamnus albus

Gas Plant: The Plant You Can Light On Fire!

This slow growing cool perennial has leathery thick foliage.

This slow growing unique perennial is pretty with lemony aroma.  Pink or white fragrant flowers on stems appear in early summer to mid summer.  Flowers attract butterflies. Mature size:2′-3′(H) X 1.5′-2′(W).  USDA Zones:2-9.  Skin irritant with sunlight.  Very hardy and long lived plant!  Easy to grow in full sun location.  Propagate by seeds or cuttings.

這白鮮是長速很慢的奇特多年生草花有著檸檬香的花.  夏開白色或粉紅色的花串.  很吸引蝴蝶.  成熟株高2-3呎,寬幅1.5-2呎.  極耐寒也耐熱.  這植物的精油可由接觸因光照產生過敏反應起紅疹,要小心或戴手套.  它非常強健長壽! 容易栽種在全日照處.  以種子或枝條扦插來繁殖.

Gas Plant seeds germination:  白鮮的種子孵法:

Fresh seeds can be stored in freezer. 新鮮的種子可以冷凍冰存.

The best time to germinate seeds is in early to mid winter indoors. 最好孵這種籽的時間為初冬到嚴冬期.

1. Clear plastic shoe box container (with clear lid) or something similar.  Inside the container use seed tray fill with potting mix.  Moist the potting mix (no standing water), place seeds uncovered then cover with the lid to keep moist.  Place the container in partial shade to light shade location.

使用透明塑膠鞋子收納盒(有蓋的)或類似容器.  盒內放置黑色發種子的苗盤,苗盤內裝培養土.  培養土打濕(不可積水), 種子播於土表,不覆土.  蓋上容器的盒蓋保濕.  將此容器盒放置於半日照到散光處.

2.Check the progress and open once for fresh air once a week.


3.Germination start in 4-5 months depends on the temperature.

依室溫而定, 約4-5個月發芽.

4.When seedlings grow until 4-6 leaves size, transplant to individual slightly bigger pot, one plant in one pot.   Sam location.  Use clear plastic bag for the transplanted pot, slightly close the opening but not seal the opening.

小實生苗約4-6片葉子時可以單株移植到稍大的小盆子,一株一盆.  跟先前苗盆同樣的位置.  將單株單盆的這些苗盆集合起來放到透明塑膠袋中將袋口收小但不要封住.

5.Plant the strong seedlings into the ground (or large pot if planting in the ground is not the option) when the plants are strong enough and start to branch. 當小苗夠強壯並開始有分枝時可以地植(無法地植時可以用大盆盆植).

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