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How to grow cantaloupe from seeds (Cucumis melo) 哈密瓜種子孵法

How to grow cantaloupe from seeds  (Cucumis melo) 哈密瓜種子孵法

2015-02-09Cantaloupe seed pack (Medium)

Cantaloupe seed packet. 哈密瓜種子包.

2015-02-09Cantaloupe seeds (Medium)

Cantaloupe seeds. 哈密瓜種子.

2015-02-09Cantaloupe seedlings (1) (Medium)

Cantaloupe seedlings are growing true leaves. 哈密瓜種苗本葉長出.

Cantaloupe seedlings are growing well. 哈密瓜種苗長的不錯.

Cantaloupe seedlings are growing well. 哈密瓜種苗長的不錯.

Cantaloupe male flower. 哈密瓜的公花.

Cantaloupe male flower. 哈密瓜的公花.

2014-09-12Female flower with young fruit  (Medium)

It is very easy to grow cantaloupe from seeds.  It takes longer than 2 weeks which is a lot longer than other type of melons.   Unless your growing soil is very rich in nutrients and in very sunny location otherwise one plant only allow it to growing 3-4 fruit; one plant is better only allow one fruit growing if growing in pot.  It is an excellent project to do with kids!   🙂

哈密瓜很容易從種子種出.  孵種的時間至少2週,比其他的瓜類種子需時更久些.   因為結實很耗肥,地植一株只讓結3-4果;盆植最好一株只讓結一果,除非你有很肥沃的土壤全日照的在種植.  這個種植會是個和小朋友一起學習的很好的作物.  🙂

1.I used seeds from seed packet.   Prepare moist growing soil for the seeds to germinate.  Keep moist and warm in partial shade location.   Seeds germinate in about 2 weeks.

1.我用的是種子包的種子.  準備好苗盆和土壤,澆灌後播種.  在半日照環境中保溫保溼,約2週種子會發芽.

2.Transplant the seedlings when they have 6-8 leaves, best in ground in sunny location, the second best is in a large pot with rich soil in full sun area.  Apply organic fertilizer.   Same plant will have both male and female flowers.  Only 3-4 fruit for each plant when growing in the ground and only allow one fruit each plant when growing in pot.

2.小苗長到6-8片本葉後可以移植,最好是地植在全日照肥沃的土壤中,若無法地植,全日照盆植次之,必須用肥沃的有機土來種植.    並開始施肥.   哈密瓜是公母異花同株. 地植一株只讓結3-4果,盆植最好一株只讓結一果 一株一果為佳.

Pollinate the male to female flower for growing fruit.   The best time to do so is in the morning.


Eryngium alpinum ‘Blue Star’ 藍刺芹

Eryngium alpinum ‘Blue Star’ 藍刺芹
Last year I have grown some plants from seeds. This winter I am going to grow some more. It is slow growing perennial. I like its special look! It blooms in summer.

Plant info see this useful website: