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樺木Birch (Betula)

樺木Birch Betula

樺木屬Betula是中大型的落葉喬木. 一般常用於庭園的有兩種. 這兩種的照片我都貼了(兩家不同的鄰居種的). 它們都需全日照至少也半日照,容易栽種,生長快速,都很耐看. 秋天葉片由綠轉金黃色,煞是好看. 用種子繁殖.

There are two kinds of birch trees has been planted the most for the garden.  They are all beautiful with their interesting bark, branches, trunk and tree shape.  (These trees are from 2 different neighbores’ garden.)

One is: Betula nigra (Red Birch, River Birch).  The other one is:  Betula pendula. Also Betula verrucosa ( European birch, European white birch, Silver Birch).