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Longevity Spinach (Gynura procumbens) 尼基羅草/紫背天葵

Longevity Spinach (Gynura procumbens) 尼基羅草/紫背天葵

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Longevity Spinach (Gynura procumbens) 尼基羅草/紫背天葵

Tropical perennial, leafy vegetable/medicinal herb. Easy to grow and propagate.  Best growing in full sun to partial shade location but tolerant full shade.  It is common plant in the wild in tropical climate.  USDA Zones:9-11.  Mature size:8″-1.5′(H) X 1″-3′(W).  Propagate usually by cuttings or division.  Easy to root in soil or water.  Fast growing.

又名平卧菊三七/平臥土三七. 熱帶葉菜/藥用草藥.  容易栽種及繁殖.  最好栽種在全日照到半日照處,但也很耐蔭,適應力非常強.  熱帶常見野生分佈.  喜熱不耐寒.  成熟株高8吋到1.5呎,寬幅1-3呎. 繁殖以扦插或分株方式,土插或水插都很容易發根生長.  生長快速.

Reference links: 參考網站資料連結:

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劍蘭Glaiolus (Gladiolus hybrid)

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劍蘭Glaiolus (Gladiolus hybrid)
All these are saved bulbs from last year. Easy to grow and beautiful! A lot of them are growing seeds now… Yes, you can grow from seeds as well but it is going to take few years to be able to flower!
這些都是去年秋天收藏室內過冬的球根. 容易種,美麗又容易繁殖. 很多花謝後都在結籽中…是的,也可用種子繁殖只不過要種好幾年才能開花. 這種球根喜熱不喜冷.

This is how to grow Clematis from seeds.如何孵鐵線蓮種子.

This is how to grow Clematis from seeds.如何孵鐵線蓮種子.

So, this is easy but will take long time (months) to germinate but it is worthy.

You will need small re-sealable bags and some clematis seeds which already removed shells. Fill with clean water with seeds inside the re-sealable bags, water doesn’t have to fill full. Keep these bags in a plastic container with lid (because they don’t like light to germinate) and place this container somewhere warm (warmer is good for seeds to germinate). Then wait. Check them once a week.

Once you find seeds sprout, pick them from water bag and place them on top of soil, keep soil moist, now they need light. Place them by window if it is indoor growing condition. Then water them and wait couple months, you will have young plants which are ready to climb, plant them outdoor.

鐵線蓮種子去殼後用夾鍊袋裝好泡清水,置於黑暗溫暖處讓它們發芽. 一週檢查一次. 有發芽的種子就撿出放在盆土土表,半日照處,要保持土壤濕度,種子會自己生長. 等本葉長到4-6片就可以種到戶外全日照處,

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