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Hull-less seed pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo ‘Lady Godiva’) 無種殼南瓜

Hull-less seed pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo ‘Lady Godiva’) 無種殼南瓜

This pumpkin look and info see:  http://www.hawthornfarm.ca/pumpkins.php#godiva

Hull-less seed pumpkin seed packet and seeds.(Cucurbita pepo 'Lady Godiva') 無種殼南瓜種子包及內容的種子.

Hull-less seed pumpkin seed packet and seeds.(Cucurbita pepo ‘Lady Godiva’) 無種殼南瓜種子包及內容的種子.

2018-08-26 Hull-less seed pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo 'Lady Godiva') 無種殼南瓜 (1) - Copy

Hull-less seed pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo ‘Lady Godiva’) male and female flowers. 無種殼南瓜的雄花與雌花.

This is kind of new trend for growing pumpkins.  There are few varieties of hull-less seed or called oil seed pumpkins are available.  Mainly growing for its hull-less seeds for oil press or to blend in for veggie and fruit smoothie.  Just thought it will be fun to grow and I am curious of how this pumpkin will taste like.  Pumpkin seed oil (250ml bottle) is quite pricy so no wonder some people will grow their own!
這些是有機種植的種子不貴,可是不太好找. 類似的品種都是榨油用的或跟果菜汁一起打的,這類南瓜種子無硬殼,只有一層超薄的種皮皮膜.   種子包價格,瓜圖及資料: http://www.hawthornfarm.ca/pumpkins.php#godiva
本來很懷疑農夫專種它來榨油的投資報酬率,後來看到小小一玻璃瓶的南瓜籽油居然賣那麼貴! 250ml裝一瓶美金30元(或9英磅)約合台幣978元(或460元)不含稅與寄送費….蠻誇張的!
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黃色夏南瓜收種了Get seeds from my yellow zucchini

黃色夏南瓜收種了Get seeds from my yellow zucchini
2013-09-04 044 (Medium)
This zucchini was growing since July 20…so it was time to pick and get seeds for next year growing use. This plant had more than 20 zucchini so far and still counting. As you can see, there are around 200 seeds from this zucchini. I don’t have space for so many plus I am not going to grow so many. Any one want to trade/exchange your different produce seeds for my yellow zucchini seeds?

這條黃色夏南瓜從7月20日長到現在,是時候切下取種子留著明年種了. 目前收了超過20條瓜而且還在長. 你可以看到這條約取出200顆的成熟種子. 沒有足夠的地加上也不想種太多棵. 有人想要交換我家的夏南瓜種子嗎?