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Lance Dendrobium(Dendrobium aphyllum)天宮(天弓)石斛蘭

Lance Dendrobium(Dendrobium aphyllum)天宮(天弓)石斛蘭

2016-06-29 013 (Medium)

Lance Dendrobium(Dendrobium aphyllum) grow cuttings with Sphagnum moss on the board. 將天宮(天弓)石斛蘭枝條與水苔上板.

2016-06-29 002 (Medium)

Lance Dendrobium(Dendrobium aphyllum) cuttings. 天宮(天弓)石斛蘭枝條.

Tropical tender perennial.  This orchid is very pretty and easy to grow.  Best growing in partial shade location.  Can be grow in a hanging basket or on the board of tree fern trunk slice.   Pink flowers with white/lavender color in spring.  USDA Zones:9-11. Usually growing in hanging basket or on the board with Sphagnum moss and let plants growing downwards so it shows as gorgeously flower falls when in bloom.   Mature sizeL2′-4′(L)X 3″-6″(W). Propagate by cuttings.

熱帶多年生蘭花.   此種蘭花美麗而容易栽種.  最好栽種在半日照到散光處. 可栽種在吊盆或蛇木板上.  春開粉色帶著白/淡紫色的花.  喜熱不耐寒.  常見於栽種在吊盆或蛇木板上讓植株垂吊下來開花時呈現花瀑狀. 成熟株高2-4呎,寬幅3-6吋. 以枝條扦插方式來繁殖.

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Taiwan pleione/Windowsill orchid (Pleione formosana) 台灣一葉蘭

Taiwan pleione/Windowsill orchid (Pleione formosana) 台灣一葉蘭

2016-04-11 005 (Medium)

Taiwan pleione/Windowsill orchid (Pleione formosana) 台灣一葉蘭

Taiwan pleione/Windowsill orchid (Pleione formosana) are growing after flowering. 台灣一葉蘭開完花後的生長期.

Taiwan pleione/Windowsill orchid (Pleione formosana) are growing after flowering. 台灣一葉蘭開完花後的生長期.

2015-11-25 002 (Medium)

Taiwan pleione/Windowsill orchid (Pleione formosana) are forming flower stems after dropping the leaves. 台灣一葉蘭先花後葉,球根在落葉後花莖會開始形成.

This unique orchid is native in central of Taiwan.  I remember when I was young often seen them in the garden centres and nurseries in their flowering season.  So beautiful and elegant!  🙂   USDA Zones:8-11.  Propagation by seeds, offsets and rhizomes, corms, tubers.  Commercial propagate by tissue culture. Mature size:10-15cm(H)X15-30cm(W). Easy to grow in moist soil in partial shade or dappled shade location.

台灣一葉蘭是原生於台灣,是特有的一種地生蘭. 成熟株高10-15公分寬幅15-30公分. 我記得以前在台灣遇到花期總能看到園藝花店有它們的倩影.  很美很優雅的一種特殊地生蘭.    繁殖方式為種子,小球,地下根或分株來進行.  商業繁殖則是以組織培養來大量繁殖了. 春末開花,花期不長.  耐寒性不佳.

White Egret Flower/Fringed Orchid(Habenaria radiata)鷺蘭/鷺草

White Egret Flower/Fringed OrchidHabenaria radiata鷺蘭/鷺草

2017-05-18 White Egret FlowerFringed Orchid(Habenaria radiata)鷺蘭鷺草 - Copy

White Egret Flower/Fringed Orchid(Habenaria radiata)roots. 鷺蘭/鷺草的根.

Beautiful orchid the flowers look like flying white birds!  It prefers full sun to partial shade location in moist but well drained soil/medium.  Native in Asia.   USDA Zones:7-9. Mature size:6″-1′(H/W).  You can grow them by some bulbs/tubers.  Not as easy to grow and propagate.   😦 Usually grow it in sphagnum moss.  Reduce watering in winter to prevent root rot.

美麗花形的它是蘭科植物.  花形如白色飛鳥. 夏天開花.  喜排水良好的土壤/介質,光照須全日照到半日照.  原生於亞洲.  成熟株高1-1.5呎,寬幅6吋. 可從小球根栽種.  因水份控制不易故不易栽植和繁殖.  😦  多以水苔來種植,冬天給水要減少以避免爛根.

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