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Pratia (Lobelia nummularia/Pratia nummularia) 普剌特草/銅錘玉帶草

Pratia (Lobelia nummularia/Pratia nummularia) 普剌特草/銅錘玉帶草

2016-04-28 053 (Medium)

Pratia (Lobelia nummularia/Pratia nummularia) is now trailing down from the pot. 普剌特草/銅錘玉帶草長的茂盛並垂墜盆外了.

Pratia (Lobelia nummularia/Pratia nummularia) seeds. 普剌特草/銅錘玉帶草種子.

Pratia (Lobelia nummularia/Pratia nummularia) seeds. 普剌特草/銅錘玉帶草種子.

Its small purple-white flowers and purple berries image see: http://bruce0342.blogspot.ca/2008/06/blog-post_10.html

Pratia (Lobelia nummularia/Pratia nummularia) seeds start to germinate in 普剌特草/銅錘玉帶草

Pratia (Lobelia nummularia/Pratia nummularia) seeds start to germinate in 3 weeks. 普剌特草/銅錘玉帶草種子播種後3週內開始發芽.

Hardy perennial.  Low mound ground cover.  Native in Asia.  Small purple white flowers in spring and berries ripe tuning very showy purple.  Its ripe purple fruit are edible but taste spicy.  Medicinal herb.   It is a perennial ground cover, native in Asia cooler region or mountain woods area.  Best growing in partial/dapple shade location in moist soil.   Mature size:1″-3″(H) X 1′-3′(W).  Propagate by seeds, cuttings or division.  USDA Zones:4-9.

桔梗科/山梗菜科/半邊蓮科的多年生地被植物,春開小小的紫白色花結小小的可愛小果子.  夏秋果實轉為紫色,其漿果可食但味辛辣. 是藥用植物. 原生亞洲山區.  最好種植在半日照到散光處用溼潤的土壤種.  成熟株高1-3吋,寬幅1-3呎.  以種子,扦插或分株來繁殖. 耐寒.

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Telegraph Plant/Dancing Plant (Desmodium gyrans) 跳舞草

Telegraph Plant/Dancing Plant (Desmodium gyrans) 跳舞草

Telegraph Plant/Dancing Plant seed packet and seeds. (Desmodium gyrans) 跳舞草種子包及種子.

Telegraph Plant/Dancing Plant seed packet and seeds. (Desmodium gyrans) 跳舞草種子包及種子.

Telegraph Plant/Dancing Plant seeds germination in 2 weeks. (Desmodium gyrans) 跳舞草種子2週就發芽.

Telegraph Plant/Dancing Plant seeds germination in 2 weeks. (Desmodium gyrans) 跳舞草種子2週就發芽.


Telegraph Plant/Dancing Plant (Desmodium gyrans) seed germination. 跳舞草的發芽種子.


Telegraph Plant/Dancing Plant (Desmodium gyrans) young seedling has not forming leaflets yet. 這階段的跳舞草小苗還未長出會動的小葉.


Telegraph Plant/Dancing Plant (Desmodium gyrans) young seedling start forming leaflets! 這階段的跳舞草小苗已經長出會動的小葉!

Finally a plant can be like a pet to interact with!  It is one of two plants move the most so far as known, the other one is sensitive plant (Mimosa pudica).  Easy to grow!   Telegraph plant is a very interesting plant, it is a pea family tropical shrub.  “The small lateral leaflets will rotate on their axis, moving in jerky motions under the slightest influence of touch, sunshine, warmth or small vibrations. At night they droop downwards. " — quote from: http://www.seedaholic.com/desmodium-gyrans-telegraph-plant.html    All this it can do to make it a “pet plant"!   I guess it is great house plant to have, look at it moves when you listen to music or enjoy the warm partial shade sunlight shines through windows…

Telegraph plant is best to be grown in partial shade, warm and moist location.  Mature size: 2′-4′(H) /(W).  USDA Zones:10-11. Pink pea flowers in late fall / early winter.  Propagate from seeds or cuttings.

豆科舞草屬的灌木,原生亞洲各國.  喜溫暖濕潤但排水良好的環境.  喜半日照或散光,容易栽種作為室內植物或戶外種植但冬天需防寒害. 秋冬開粉紅色豆科花朵.  以種子或扦插來繁殖. 成熟株高及寬幅2-4呎.  植株的小葉對於觸摸,光線,溫度或聲音有明顯的反應動作. 很適合給小朋友種植或當作"寵物植物"來養.

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This is the fun plant to have!  Watch it moves.  🙂   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ta4I5Uwv9m0

White Egret Flower/Fringed Orchid(Habenaria radiata)鷺蘭/鷺草

White Egret Flower/Fringed OrchidHabenaria radiata鷺蘭/鷺草

2017-05-18 White Egret FlowerFringed Orchid(Habenaria radiata)鷺蘭鷺草 - Copy

White Egret Flower/Fringed Orchid(Habenaria radiata)roots. 鷺蘭/鷺草的根.

Beautiful orchid the flowers look like flying white birds!  It prefers full sun to partial shade location in moist but well drained soil/medium.  Native in Asia.   USDA Zones:7-9. Mature size:6″-1′(H/W).  You can grow them by some bulbs/tubers.  Not as easy to grow and propagate.   😦 Usually grow it in sphagnum moss.  Reduce watering in winter to prevent root rot.

美麗花形的它是蘭科植物.  花形如白色飛鳥. 夏天開花.  喜排水良好的土壤/介質,光照須全日照到半日照.  原生於亞洲.  成熟株高1-1.5呎,寬幅6吋. 可從小球根栽種.  因水份控制不易故不易栽植和繁殖.  😦  多以水苔來種植,冬天給水要減少以避免爛根.

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