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Rough-leaved Michauxia (Michauxia campanuloides)粗葉Michauxia

Rough-leaved Michauxia (Michauxia campanuloides)粗葉Michauxia


Rough-leaved Michauxia (Michauxia campanuloides) seeds. 粗葉Michauxia的種子蠻小的.


Rough-leaved Michauxia (Michauxia campanuloides) seeds germination in about 2 weeks. 粗葉Michauxia的種子約2週孵出來.

2017-03-13Rough-leaved Michauxia (Michauxia campanuloides)粗葉Michauxia Copy

Rough-leaved Michauxia (Michauxia campanuloides) seedlings are growing true leaves. 粗葉Michauxia小苗們長出本葉了.

2018-01-04 Rough leaved Mahauxia - Copy

Rough leaved Michauxia seedlings. 粗葉Michauxia的小實生苗們.

Biennials or short-lived perennial.  Native in Greece and Turkey.  Easy to grow.   Best growing in full sun location.  Medium size white flowers in late spring to mid summer.  Flowers attract bees and butterflies.  USDA Zones:7-9.  Mature size:3′-6′(H/W).  propagate by seeds.

它是桔梗科Michauxia屬的二年生草花多/壽命短的多年生草花.  原生於希臘和土耳其.  容易栽種.   最好栽種在全日照處. 春末到仲夏間開白色中型的花朵. 花頗吸引蜂蝶.  喜熱不甚耐寒.  成熟株高/寬幅約3-6呎. 繁殖方式以種子來進行.

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