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Red Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus ‘Red Burgundy’) 紅色羊角豆or紅秋葵

Red Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus ‘Red Burgundy’) 紅色羊角豆or紅秋葵

2017-08-13 Red Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus 'Red Burgundy') 紅色羊角豆or紅秋葵 (1)

Red Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus ‘Red Burgundy’) 紅色羊角豆or紅秋葵

2017-08-07 Red Okra (3)

Red Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus ‘Red Burgundy’) seed germination in about 4 days. 紅色羊角豆or紅秋葵種子約4天發芽.

Annual vegetable.  Easy to grow.  Best growing in full sun to partial shade location.  Pale pink/yellow flowers in summer to fall.  Edible red seed pods can be harvest and cooked before texture turn rough.  Mature size:6′-8′(H) X 1′-1.5′(W).  Propagate by seeds.  Medicinal.

一年生蔬菜.  容易栽種.  最好栽種在全日照到半日照處.  淡粉紅/黃色花於夏天開到秋天.  可食的紅色種莢會由綠轉紅,除非要留種子,種莢嫩時採收要不然會變老纖維化煮後仍不好入口.  成熟株高6-8呎,寬幅1-1.5呎.  繁殖以種子的方式來進行.  藥用.

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Vine-leaved Pelargonium (Pelargonium lobatum) 藤葉天竺葵

Vine-leaved Pelargonium (Pelargonium lobatum) 藤葉天竺葵

2017-12-22 Vine-leaved Pelargonium (Pelargonium lobatum) 藤葉天竺葵 - Copy

Vine-leaved Pelargonium (Pelargonium lobatum) seeds. 藤葉天竺葵的種子.

2018-01-15 Vine-leaved Pelargonium

Vine-leaved Pelargonium (Pelargonium lobatum) seed germination in 3 weeks. 藤葉天竺葵的種子約3週發芽.

2018-1-17 Vine-leaved Pelargonium (Pelargonium lobatum) 藤葉天竺葵 (1)

Vine-leaved Pelargonium (Pelargonium lobatum) seedling. 藤葉天竺葵的小苗.

Tropical perennial/cactus or succulents. Easy to grow.  Best growing in full sun well drained soil.  Plant has thick trunk like base.  The fleshy tubers is said to be edible as vegetable.  White flowers with pink/maroon blooming in fall.  Flowers release fragrance at night.  Dormancy is in summer, should cut down the watering.  Plant is drought tolerant once established.   USDA Zones:10-11.  Mature size: unknown.  Propagate by seeds or division.  Medicinal.

藤葉天竺葵是多年生/多肉.  容易栽種.  最好栽種在全日照排水佳的土壤.   植株有著巨大粗壯的根基與地下根.  有一說是根部可以如根莖類蔬菜來煮食的.  秋開白色帶有粉紅/暗紅色斑紋的單瓣花朵.  花朵僅於夜晚會散發花香.  夏天會休眠應減少供水避免爛根.  植株生長穩定後頗為耐旱.  喜熱不耐寒.  成熟株高/寬幅:尚無資料.  繁殖以種子或分株的方式來進行.  藥用.

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Candle Bush (Senna alata) 翼柄決明

Candle Bush (Senna alata) 翼柄決明

2015-12-29 085 (Medium)

Candle Bush (Senna alata) 翼柄決明

2017-12-31 Senna alata (1) - Copy

Candle Bush (Senna alata) 翼柄決明

Also known as Cassia alata.  Tropical shrub/tree.  Easy to grow.  Best growing in full sun to partial shade location.  Yellow flowers in mid summer to early winter.  Long blooming time.  Flowers attract bees and butterflies.  USDA Zones:8-11.  Mature size:6`-30`(H) X 6`-15`(W).  Propagate by seeds, cuttings or division.  Medicinal. Leaves contain chrysophanic acid.  Plant is toxic if ingested.

熱帶樹種/灌木. 容易栽種.  最好栽種在全日照到半日照處.  仲夏到冬初開頂生花序,黃色花.  花期很長.  花頗吸引蜂蝶.  喜熱不甚耐寒.  成熟株高6-30呎,寬幅6-15呎.  繁殖以種子,扦插或分株的方式來進行.  藥用.  葉片含有大黄酚/大黄酸,可用來治真菌感染.  植株有毒勿食.

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Patchouli (Pogostemon patchouli) 廣藿香

Patchouli (Pogostemon patchouli) 廣藿香

2017-11-05 Patchouli (Pogostemon patchouli) 廣藿香 (1) - Copy

Patchouli (Pogostemon patchouli) 廣藿香

Tropical perennial herb.  Aromatic. Easy to grow.  Best growing in full sun to partial shade location in moist but well drained soil.  Small fragrant white flowers in mid fall to winter.  Flowers attract bees and butterflies. USDA Zones:9-11. Mature size:1.5′-3′(H) X 2′-3′(W).  Propagate by seeds, cuttings or division.  Medicinal.   Caution: May cause allergy to some people.  Can be extracted into perfume.

熱帶多年生草本香草.  全株芬芳.  容易栽種.  最好栽種在全日照到半日照處的濕潤但排水佳的土壤.  中秋到冬季開小小白色的香花.  花頗吸引蜂蝶.  喜熱不耐寒.  成熟株高1.5-2呎,寬幅2-3呎.  繁殖以種子,扦插或分株的方式來進行.  藥用.  對少數人可能引起過敏反應.  可提煉成香水.

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Jujube or Chinese Red Date (Ziziphus jujuba) 紅棗

Jujube or Chinese Red Date (Ziziphus jujuba) 紅棗

2017-11-16 Jujube or Chinese Red Date (Ziziphus jujuba) 紅棗 - Copy

Jujube or Chinese Red Date (Ziziphus jujuba) fruit and seed. 紅棗的果與果核.

Cold hardy deciduous fruit tree. Easy to grow.  Best growing in full sun to partial shade location.  Pale yellow flowers in late spring to early summer.  Fruit ripe in late fall, from green to reddish brown.  Fresh fruit is sweet with a small pit in the center.  Fruit can be dried for snack.  USDA Zones:6-11.  Mature size:20′-30′(H/W).  Propagate by seeds or cutting.  Medicinal.

耐寒強健的落葉果樹.  容易栽種.  最好栽種在全日照到半日照處.  淡黃色花於春末到初夏盛開.  果實秋末成熟,果皮由綠轉紅褐色.   果甜,一果一核,核小.  果可乾燥成零食.  喜熱也頗耐寒.   成熟株高/寬幅20-30呎.  繁殖方式以種子或扦插的方式來進行.  藥用.

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American lotus (Nelumbo lutea) 美洲黃荷

American lotus (Nelumbo lutea) 美洲黃荷

2017-11-12 American lotus (Nelumbo lutea) 美洲黃荷

American lotus (Nelumbo lutea) day 5 seeds germination in a clean water jar. Green shoot are visible. 美洲黃荷蓮子磨硬種殼後於清水孵種的第5天. 可以看到綠芽生長出.

2017-11-07 American Lotus (Nelumbo lutea)北美黃荷 (2) - Copy

American lotus (Nelumbo lutea) seeds.美洲黃荷的種子.

It is one of the rare/endangered native plants in Ontario.  Cold hardy aquatic perennial, edible.  Easy to grow.  Best growing in full sun to partial shade location in pond.  Edible fleshy tubers, leaves and seeds.  Large fragrant yellow to pale yellow flowers in summer to early fall.  Flowers attract bees and butterflies.  Large seed pods ripe and dried in late fall which is excellent for flower arrangement! USDA Zones:4-11.  Mature size:5′-7′(H) X as wide as the large container/pond.  Propagate by seeds, tubers, offsets or division.   Medicinal.

這物種為安大略省稀有/瀕危的原生物種之一. 耐寒強健的多年生水生植物,可食用.  容易栽種.  最好栽種在全日照到半日照處的水塘或濕地.   可以食用的部位為粗肥的地下藕節,荷葉與蓮子.  芳香的黃色/淡黃色大花於夏天開到初秋.  花頗吸引蜂蝶.  秋末的大蓮蓬成熟並乾燥很適合作為插花的花材. 耐寒也耐熱. 成熟株高(水面上)5-7呎,寬幅可以長滿池塘.  繁殖以種子,藕節,側芽,或分株的方式來進行.  藥用.

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Annatto (Bixa orellana) 胭脂樹

Annatto (Bixa orellana) 胭脂樹

2017-07-31 Annatto (Bixa orellana) 胭脂樹 (2) - Copy

Annatto (Bixa orellana) seeds. 胭脂樹的種子.

2017-09-23 Annatto (Bixa orellana) 胭脂樹

Annatto (Bixa orellana) seed germination in about 2 months. 胭脂樹的種子約2個月發芽.

Tropical tree.  Easy to grow.  Best growing in full sun to partial shade location.  Pink flowers in late summer to early winter.  Flowers attract bees and butterflies.  Long blooming time.  Seed pods from red to reddish brown, beautiful winter attraction in warm climate.  Seeds are ingredient for red food color.  USDA Zones:9-11. Mature size:6′-15′(H) X 10′-20′(W).  Propagate by seeds.  Suitable for containers indoors.  Medicinal.

熱帶樹種.  容易栽種.  最好栽種在全日照到半日照處. 夏末到冬初開粉紅色花. 花頗吸引蜂蝶.  花期頗長. 種莢於溫暖地區的冬天會由紅轉為紅褐色,頗具觀賞價值.  種子為紅色染料的主要原料.  喜熱不耐寒.  成熟株高6-15呎,寬幅10-20呎.  繁殖以種子為主.  適合室內盆植.  藥用.

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