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Growing Himalayan Blue Poppy (Meconopsis betonicifolia) from seeds喜馬拉雅藍罌粟 (綠絨蒿)種子孵法

Growing Himalayan Blue Poppy (Meconopsis betonicifolia ) from seeds喜馬拉雅藍罌粟 (綠絨蒿)種子孵法

This is Meconopsis betonicifolia.

(Meconopsis betonicifolia)藍罌粟小苗.

Himalayan Blue Poppy(Meconopsis betonicifolia)藍罌粟小苗.

Himalayan Blue Poppy (Meconopsis) seedling after transplanting. 喜馬拉雅藍罌粟 (綠絨蒿)移植後的小苗

Himalayan Blue Poppy (Meconopsis) seedling after transplanting. 喜馬拉雅藍罌粟 (綠絨蒿)移植後的小苗

Blue poppies

Himalayan Blue Poppy (Meconopsis) seedlings喜馬拉雅藍罌粟 (綠絨蒿)種子發芽

Flowers see wiki link:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meconopsis

開花照見維基百科:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meconopsis

Such a beautiful hardy perennial!  Although some gardener think it is difficult to grow due to the soil drainage issue.   Blue poppies do not produce opium.

很美很強健的多年生草花!  雖然有的人認為它因豪雨而排水不佳的問題會很難種活. 雖為罌粟科但它不是能提煉鴉片的植物.

Best to grow in partial shade location in moist but well drained clay soil.  Large flowers in summer attract bees and flowers.  From seeds to flower usually take 2 years.  USDA Zones:3-9.  Mature size:3′(H) x 1′-1.5′(W).   Even though it is short lived perennial but it often self seed, so you can still expect their numbers increase through the year.

最適合種植於半日照的環境用濕潤但排水佳的黏性土來種.  夏開美麗的大花,花形略為向下開放. 從種子到開花通常只需隔年,最晚第3年開花.  非常耐寒,耐熱性亦佳但受不了排水不佳.  它的壽命不長但會自行落籽繁殖,經年累月植株還是會增加許多.

Here is how to grow this perennial from seeds.  以下為種子的孵法.

1. Get a clean container with potting soil.  Use a clean bag or a piece of plastic wrap with a rubber band.

1. 取一乾淨的容器或苗盆裝排水佳的盆土種植.  用乾淨的透明塑膠袋或透明膠膜加上橡皮筋來保濕.

2. Because seeds are small so moist the soil first before sprinkle the seeds in.  Do not sow too many seeds in one container otherwise you will have a hard time to separate them when it is time to transplant them individually.

2.由於種子細小所以要將土壤澆濕後再灑上種子. 一個容器內不要灑太多以免將來移植時不好分開植株.

3. Cover the plastic wrap then use rubber band to make sure the top is tight for moist stay in and light can shine through or put the container in a clear plastic bag.  Place the container in partial shade slightly warm location.

3.容器加蓋或用保鮮膜蓋上和橡皮筋固定來保濕. 將容器放在半日照略為溫暖處好發芽.

3. The seedlings should pop out around a week.  Wait for the seedlings have 6-8 leaves then you can transplant them in individual pots.   Do not let seedlings dry out.  Partial shade.

3.小苗們約一週內會發芽.  等苗長出6-8片本葉時可以移植到較大盆中一株一盆.  繼續維持苗的濕度,半日照.

4. Use large pot or best grow mature plant or the best is in the ground in partial shade clay moist soil.  It is excellent for planting in group in woodland garden!  Have fun!  🙂

4.最後應用大盆裝排水佳的偏黏性土壤來種,當然最好的歸宿還是地植在半日照處.  這種草花很適合種一片在森林林地型的花園裡.  種植愉快! 🙂