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Kohleria ‘Lilla Gubben'(Kohleria) 苦苣苔屬花貓

Kohleria ‘Lilla Gubben'(Kohleria) 苦苣苔屬花貓

2016-01-14 022 (Medium)

Kohleria ‘Lilla Gubben'(Kohleria) 苦苣苔屬花貓

2016-01-14 023 (Medium)

Kohleria ‘Lilla Gubben'(Kohleria) more flower buds are forming. 苦苣苔屬花貓更多花苞形成中.

Very cute!  This genus are tropical perennials.  Easy to grow in moist, sunny and warm environment.  Best growing in full sun to partial shade location.  This type of plants are not big.  Mature size: 1′-1.5′(H) x 6″(W).  Propagate usually by worm likes rhizomes, dividing plant clumps, stem cutting or seeds.  There are many hybrids around.

很可愛的植物! 這屬的是喜溫暖,陽光及水份的熱帶植物.  最好是全日照到半日照的生長環境.  成熟植株不大,約1-1.5呎高,寬幅6吋但也要看品種.  花小巧可愛,多花.  不耐寒也不耐旱.  有許多品種花色可供選擇.  繁殖多用外觀長的像是毛蟲一樣的地下根莖,也可用枝條扦插或種子來繁殖.