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Porcupine Orange/Thai Bai Makrut (Citrus hystrix) 馬蜂橙

Porcupine Orange/Thai Bai Makrut (Citrus hystrix) 馬蜂橙

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Porcupine Orange/Thai Bai Makrut (Citrus hystrix) that aromatic leaves is one of the most important herbs in Thai cooking! 馬蜂橙香氣濃郁的葉片是泰式料理的重要香料之一!

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Porcupine Orange/Thai Bai Makrut (Citrus hystrix) fresh leaves with branches are sold in Asian supermarket. 馬蜂橙亞洲超市有賣新鮮帶枝的葉片.

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Porcupine Orange/Thai Bai Makrut (Citrus hystrix) cutting is forming new shoot. 馬蜂橙的扦插枝條有葉芽形成中.


Porcupine Orange/Thai Bai Makrut (Citrus hystrix) seeds germination. 馬蜂橙種子孵出.

Also known as Kaffir Lime.    Often grow for its aromatic foliage for spice/herb in Thai cuisine.  Egg size fruit is acidic and bitter.  Often seen in Asian supermarket herb aisle selling foliage with twigs.  Easy to grow.  Best growing in  full sun location.  Handle plant with care, this plant has sharp thorns.   White flowers with pinkish under side, major bloom in spring, very fragrant.  USDA Zones:10-11.  Mature size:8′-10′(H) X 3′-6′(W).  Propagate by seeds, cuttings or grafting.  Medicinal.

馬蜂橙是亞洲常見的料理用香料,常用於泰國料理. 果實酸且苦不能直接吃,但可將皮除去有苦味的白色內層後料理.  超市有賣小把小把的帶葉枝條. 它很容易栽種.  最好栽種在全日照處.  有長刺要小心安全.  春開白花,花背面是粉紅色的,花很香.  喜熱不耐寒.  成熟株高8-10呎,寬幅3-6呎.  以種子,扦插,壓條或嫁接方式來繁殖.  藥用.

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