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Polianthes tuberosa ‘Pink Sapphire’ 晚香玉or夜來香

Polianthes tuberosa ‘Pink Sapphire’ 晚香玉or夜來香
2017-03-25 Polianthes tuberosa 'Pink Sapphire' 晚香玉or夜來香 (1) - Copy

Polianthes tuberosa ‘Pink Sapphire’ pink double flowered bulb. 重瓣粉色晚香玉or夜來香的球根.

Pink double flowered form, very fragrant! This tropical bulbous perennial is valued for the fragrant flowers.  Easy to grow.  Best growing in full sun to partial shade location.  USDA Zones:8-10.  Mature size:2′-3′(H) X 6″-1′(W). Propagate by bulb, offsets or division. Excellent for cut flower.  Suitable for growing in containers.  Plant is toxic if ingested.
粉紅色重瓣的品種,花非常香! 這種熱帶多年生球根花卉主要種來聞香的. 容易栽種.  最好栽種在全日照到半日照處. 喜熱不耐寒. 成熟株高2-3呎,寬幅6吋到1呎. 繁殖方式以球根,側芽或分株的方式來進行. 很適合切花. 適合盆植.
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