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Wild Crabapple (Malus coronaria) 野生蘋果or野山楂

Wild Crabapple (Malus coronaria) 野生蘋果or野山楂


Wild Crabapple (Malus coronaria) seeds. 野生蘋果or野山楂的種子.

Wild crabapple (Malus coronaria) 野海棠 (2) - Copy

Wild Crabapple (Malus coronaria) seeds germination about 75 days, including 2 months in fridge with small amount of moist medium野生蘋果or野山楂種子曰75天孵出,包括冰箱冷層積與少量的保濕介質冰2個月.

2018-07-12 Wild Crabapple (Malus coronaria) 野生蘋果or野山楂 - Copy

Wild Crabapple (Malus coronaria) seedling. 野生蘋果/野山楂的小實生苗.

2018-10-31 Wild Crabapple (Malus coronaria) 野生蘋果or野山楂 (1) - Copy

Wild Crabapple (Malus coronaria) seedling has very red fall color! 野生蘋果or野山楂小苗的鮮紅秋色!

It is now rare find the wild crabapple!  Very cold hardy native fruit tree.  Plant has prickly burs on it so be careful!   Easy to grow.  Best growing in full sun to partial shade location.  Pale pink fragrant flowers in late spring to early summer. Flowers attract bees and butterflies.  Edible fruit in late summer.  Stunning bright red fall color!  USDA Zones:4-8.  Mature size:15′-25′(H/W). Propagate by seeds, cuttings, layering or grafting.

現在很難找到真正野生的了! 照片上是從安省原生植物推廣的組織買來的野採種子. 非常耐寒強健的原生果樹. 這類野生的莖節上仍具有銳刺,接觸要小心!  容易栽種. 最好栽種在全日照到半日照處.  有香味的淡粉紅色花朵於春末到初夏盛開.  花頗吸引蜂蝶.  夏末時果實成熟可以食用.  耀眼緋紅的絕美秋色!  喜冷不耐炎熱.  成熟株高/寬幅為15-25呎.  繁殖方式以種子,扦插,高壓或嫁接方式來進行.

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