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鐵線蓮 ‘甜秋’ Clematis ‘Sweet autumn’

鐵線蓮 ‘甜秋’ Clematis ‘Sweet autumn’
Very hardy clematis vine, prefers in full sun location. It blooms from late summer to late full with small but many white single fragrant flowers, fast growing, will require climbing support. Can be propagated by seeds or stem cuttings/layering.
它是爬藤,植栽非常強健耐寒,需全日照才長的好. 花期從夏末開花開到秋末,有時到冬初. 花小而多,白色單瓣小花有著像香草般的香味,生長勢強而快速,需要攀爬用支架. 用種子或扦插/壓條來繁殖.
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