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There are so many different kinds of them… I love them all! 它們太多種了…我都很愛!2013-07-13 015 (Medium)2013-07-13 004 (Medium)2013-07-13 023 (Medium)

紫錐花Echinacea ( Purple Coneflower)

Echinacea: Purple Coneflower got so many color now!  There are all fragrant except that pink flower  ‘Magnus Superior’!  And ‘Green Jewl’ are the most fragrant among these and it is long lasting as well.  

紫錐花現今有多種顏色了,以上除了’Magnus’其它都是有香味的且以綠色的’Green jewl’為最濃且跟其它品種一樣花期很長.