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鈴蘭 Lily-of-the-valley (Convallaria majalis)

多年生球根花卉,非常耐寒,多以分株或種子繁殖,土壤不拘,一般而言光照不拘,但以全日照或半日照為佳. 弱光處也能成活但花莖會減少.  北美的花園幾乎都有它.  簡直是和西伯利亞海蔥一樣為"雜草級"的球根花卉,春天4-5月成熟的球會先抽出含花莖的葉片開始開花時會續長其它葉片,未成熟到可開花的球應多給磷肥養球以刺激來年開花.  若種植的環境氣候較溫暖而不開花建議秋末冬初時將較大的球挖起保濕然後冰箱冷藏2-3個月"冬眠"即可.  此植物耐旱,故排水要不錯.





取一把插在瓶中 滿室生香


How to Grow Lily of the Valley

These seeds must be cold stratified. Check out the Making Winter page. Wet a paper towel, wring out, sow seeds in towel, fold, and put in baggie in fridge for 4-8 weeks. Some people freeze the seeds (I have never tried this, but recently I have come across much info that says freezing seeds increases the length of viability). Take seeds out and sow, barely covering. Cold-stratified seeds germinate better when they get light. Or just plant outside in fall. This seed is a good candidate for the soaking method – soak seeds in cold water in the fridge for two weeks, changing for fresh water daily. Take out and plant. These seeds don’t have any Mercury speediness in their growth – they can take 2 months or more to germinate. Grow them in a pot and give them winter protection the first year, then put them in the ground in rich, moist soil and shade or dappled shade. They won’t bloom if they get too much sun or are too dry, but they can grow in heavy clay and full shade. They are hardy to zone 6 (-10F/-20C) and are rabbit-proof. They spread by creeping rhizomes and sometimes can be invasive. Once they are established, divide them in September. General growing info Top

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時間到後取出播於盆土,蓋淺淺的土就好. 種植處須半日照或散光處. 土壤不拘但必須排水良好+保濕良好.