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Tail Germander (Teucrium procerum)以色列高性香科科

Tail Germander (Teucrium procerum)以色列高性香科科

2017-10-13 Tail Germander - Copy

Tail Germander (Teucrium procerum) is growing well! 以色列高性香科科長的很不錯!

2017-07-15 Tall Germander (Teucrium procerum)以色列高性香科科 (1) - Copy

Tail Germander (Teucrium procerum) plant starts to grow bigger and fuller.以色列高性香科科實生苗開始長大經過摘心也開始長出許多分枝.

2017-06-08Tall Germander (Teucrium procerum)以色列高性香科科

Tail Germander (Teucrium procerum) seedling has 8 true leaves. 以色列高性香科科有8片本葉了.

2017-04-10 以色列高性香科科 (2)

Tail Germander (Teucrium procerum) seed germination. 以色列高性香科科的種子孵出.

Tender perennial.  This rare find is close to extinction.  Easy to grow.  Best growing in full sun to partial shade location.   Blue flower in spring to early summer.   Flowers attract bees and butterflies.    USDA Zones:8-9.  Mature size:3′-4′(H/W). Propagate by seeds.

(稀有瀕危) 多年生草本花卉.  容易栽種.  最好栽種在全日照到半日照處.  春到初夏開鳥/蝶形藍色花.  花頗吸引蜂蝶. 喜熱不耐寒.  成熟株高/寬幅為3-4呎.  繁殖以種子的方式來進行. 以色列高性香科科越來越少了, 瀕危的植物,其實蠻好看的,越多人種的話就不會那麼稀少了.

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http://www.wildflowers.co.il/english/plant.asp?ID=1741           http://redlist.parks.org.il/taxa/Teucrium%20procerum/                http://www.colorfulnature.com/plantInfo.jsp?lang=en_US&category=flowers&subCategory=all&picGroupId=Teucrium_Procerum&displayNames=true

How to grow sea holly (Eryngium) from seeds 藍刺芹種子孵法

How to grow sea holly (Eryngium) from seeds 藍刺芹種子孵法

Sea holly (Eryngium) flowers in summer. 夏天開花的藍刺芹.

Sea holly (Eryngium) flowers in summer. 夏天開花的藍刺芹.


Sea holly (Eryngium) seeds 藍刺芹種子.

Sea holly (Eryngium) seeds 藍刺芹種子.

Sea holly (Eryngium) seedlings 藍刺芹小苗.

Sea holly (Eryngium) seedlings 藍刺芹小苗.

Best germinate in late fall, second best in early spring.


1.Keep seeds in freezer for one month.


2.Get seeds out from freezer, sow the seeds on the moisten potting soil in a container with lid or cover the container with clear plastic bag to keep the soil moist.   Place the container in partial shade, warm location.  Check and open for air circulation once a day.  Seeds will sprout in about 2 weeks.

2.取出種子直播於盛培養土已澆水的透水小盒,用透明塑膠袋連盒子整個封起. 置半日照溫暖處. 每天檢查+開封透氣. 注意不可過濕. 約2週內發芽.

3.Transplant seedlings to individual pot or in the ground when they have 4-6 leaves.  Full sun.


From seeds to flower usually next year will happen, in the worst case, the 3rd year will flower.