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黃花醋栗Yellow Flowering Currant (Ribes aureum)

醋栗科醋栗屬,主要分布在北溫帶地區和南美西部溫帶地區。中國約45種,主要分布在西部和東北。落葉灌木,春天開黃花,有強香,吸引蜂鳥採蜜,花謝後會結黃色轉黑色好吃的果實,秋天葉色會由綠轉紅, 植株強健耐修剪,很適合作為綠籬,株高可達6呎, 耐陰

Yellow Flowering Currant, is a medium size shrub with fragrant yellow flowers in spring (April-May)followed by black berries in late summer. Green summer foliage turns scarlet-red in the fall.  Yellow Flowering Currant has yellow flowers that are popular with hummingbirds. It has yellow berries that turn black as they ripen and are quite tasty. This plant tolerates shade and soil types and can be used on difficult sites, but make sure they have good drainage. These drought tolerant plants don’t want wet feet. It grows 6 feet in height and width and makes a neat clean bush.