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秋冬天冷室內玩孵孵樂Winter gardening – Seedlings growing time!

秋末孵的目前成果:Results of germination so far since end of September:

賽靛花Common name: False Indigo — soak in warm water for 3 days then plant — about 2 months

2012-11-22 002

Hibiscus moscheutos

大花扶桑Common name: Dwarf Hardy Hibiscus– soak then plant — about 2 weeks

2012-12-03 001

Clematis Mix

2012-11-22 003

Centaurea montana

2012-11-12 002

Ampelopsis gland. brevipedunculata

斑葉山葡萄 Common name: Variegated Porcelain Vine — dircet sow, about 2.5 months

多年生矢車菊Common name: Bachelor’s Button — about 1.5 month, direct sow

2012-11-22 001

Baptisia australis

鐵線蓮 Common name: Clematis Mix  — about  2 months, remove shell, soak in warm water in a re-sealable bag in room temperature

2012-11-28 001

Magnolia ‘Yellow Bird’

另剛孵下沒多久的有: Other plant seeds I recently just start:

四照花 Common name: Flowering Dogwood — sand the shell thin, soak for 1 day then plant

無刺玫瑰(小輪) Common name: Thornless rose — direct sow

玫瑰(中輪) Common name: Rose — direct sow

聖誕玫瑰(單瓣) Common name: Christmas Rose — direct sow

希望2個月後陸續出芽!  They are going to take a while, maybe 2 months.

隔一陣子還想孵一些別的鐵線蓮呢!  Next I want to grow some other kind of clematis from seeds.

可是時間要算好,要春天到時有得種小實生苗. But I have to time it right for the seedlings to grow outdoors in spring.

賽靛花False Indigo (Baptisia australis)

賽靛花False Indigo (Baptisia australis)

為北美原生的多年生豆科植物,成熟植株高度為3-4呎,寬幅約為2.5-3呎.  需全日照,耐寒耐旱沒有什麼病蟲害,非常容易栽種,可用分株,走莖或種子繁殖.  壽命很長,由於根系深而密且集中,所以一般不喜歡被移植.  花像羽扇豆般成長串,可做切花,容易結籽. 但從種子到開花可能要3年時間.  有毒請勿食用. 於春末夏初開花,花色有藍,紫,白,黃等色.  花謝後結膨大豆莢般的子莢,於秋末轉黑褐色即可收成.  圖為鄰居花友的母株,最近才將受贈的種子泡溫水孵種子中,一部份直播於前院,不知道要幾天可發芽?

2012-11-12 今天發現種子已經開始出芽了,也還好,我是先用溫熱的水連泡3天,然後移種子到淺缽孵到發芽大約7個禮拜的時間,也不難孵.發芽率因為種子新鮮還蠻高的!  很期待開花的一天.

Thanks to gardener Connie for sharing her seeds from her front yard plant (see the pictures).  These pictures has been taken this June when it was blooming nicely!   I hope I can grow them next spring.   I have sown some seeds directly in the garden and soaked the rest in warm water to germinate them indoor.  I will post the progress pictures in the future — hopfully I will have some sucess!

2012-11-12 Today I have noticed the seed germination, I presoaked seed in warm water for 3 days then placed them in soil to keep moist.  Total about 7 weeks.  It is not difficult.  Looking for the day it flowers!

After 3 dayd presoaked in warm water then plant them seperatly, about 7-8weeks germination, they sprout and grow!經過連3天泡溫水再分開一顆一顆種經過7-8周就發芽並開始長子葉了!

共有6種花色可選.  詳見此網站: http://www.perennials.com/results.html?findplant=Baptisia  See the link for other 5 different colour choices and plant info.

我種的這種藍色品種為最常見的花色.  This breed is the most common colour.