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有趣的午後花園Interesting afternoon in my garden

We were having our tea in our backyard in the afternoon, I saw a pair of praying mantis mating, a cicada flying by and making noise, a humming bird enjoy and rest on a humming bird feeder, squirrel was moving her young one by one from old nest to new warm nest back and forth. And I, I enjoyed tea and harvested some garden vegetables!
午後我們在後花園喝下午茶時,看到一對配對了的螳螂,一隻飛過吵鬧不休的知了,翩翩飛舞的鳳蝶,一隻來喝糖水並短暫歇息的蜂鳥,一隻母松鼠叼著小松鼠一趟一趟的來回搬新家. 而我,除了享受花園的下午茶外,我還採收了一些園中種植的蔬菜.

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Backyard Hummingbird photos 拍到後院吸蜜水的蜂鳥了!

Backyard Hummingbird photos 拍到後院吸蜜水的蜂鳥了!

I knew they come to my garden from time to time, I even saw them for few times.  It was difficult to take pictures because they are so fast! 

This year we decided to take pictures of them for sure so we have purchased the bird cam with motion sensor!  Now we got the pictures! 

後院有時看到蜂鳥光臨花園,總想拍下牠的照片留念和分享可是牠速度真是太快了!  每次都來不及拍…今年終於下定決心要拍到,所以買了有動作感應的戶外用專門用來拍攝鳥類或野生動物的照相機/攝影機.  幾天等待過去,終於又來我家了!