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鐵線蓮 ‘甜秋’ Clematis ‘Sweet autumn’

鐵線蓮 ‘甜秋’ Clematis ‘Sweet autumn’
Very hardy clematis vine, prefers in full sun location. It blooms from late summer to late full with small but many white single fragrant flowers, fast growing, will require climbing support. Can be propagated by seeds or stem cuttings/layering.
它是爬藤,植栽非常強健耐寒,需全日照才長的好. 花期從夏末開花開到秋末,有時到冬初. 花小而多,白色單瓣小花有著像香草般的香味,生長勢強而快速,需要攀爬用支架. 用種子或扦插/壓條來繁殖.
2013-08-29 024 (Medium)2013-08-29 019 (Medium)

This is how to grow Clematis from seeds.如何孵鐵線蓮種子.

This is how to grow Clematis from seeds.如何孵鐵線蓮種子.

So, this is easy but will take long time (months) to germinate but it is worthy.

You will need small re-sealable bags and some clematis seeds which already removed shells. Fill with clean water with seeds inside the re-sealable bags, water doesn’t have to fill full. Keep these bags in a plastic container with lid (because they don’t like light to germinate) and place this container somewhere warm (warmer is good for seeds to germinate). Then wait. Check them once a week.

Once you find seeds sprout, pick them from water bag and place them on top of soil, keep soil moist, now they need light. Place them by window if it is indoor growing condition. Then water them and wait couple months, you will have young plants which are ready to climb, plant them outdoor.

鐵線蓮種子去殼後用夾鍊袋裝好泡清水,置於黑暗溫暖處讓它們發芽. 一週檢查一次. 有發芽的種子就撿出放在盆土土表,半日照處,要保持土壤濕度,種子會自己生長. 等本葉長到4-6片就可以種到戶外全日照處,

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巴西耐寒的大花西番蓮Brazilian Passion Flower Vine (Passiflora caerulea) -update

2013-02-05 002
巴西耐寒的大花西番蓮Brazilian Passion Flower Vine (Passiflora caerulea) -update
2013-04-17 027 (Medium)
They are about 7″ tall now and keep growing… 小苗現在約有7吋高,努力長高中…

巴西耐寒的大花西番蓮Brazilian Passion Flower Vine (Passiflora caerulea)

2013-02-05 002巴西耐寒的大花西番蓮Brazilian Passion Flower Vine (Passiflora caerulea)

Zone 5! They are the ones I really want! In the past, I have only seen the tropical ones (Zone 9) selling in the nurseies and garden centres. This year I decide to grow from seeds. After one month sitting in the freezer and then plant them in the supermarket mushroom container with some soil, I then place whole thing in a clear plastic bag. Daytime put near heat register so it is quite warm, put them in the fridge to keep cool at night before I go to sleep. They are in and out of my fridge for 2 weeks now, I saw the first sprout (the pink one)today!

一般園藝店賣的都不耐寒. 除了秋末要整大盆搬進屋渡過漫長的冬天外就是當一年生的將它賜死,因為植株不便宜所以今年看到這耐寒品系就決定來孵種子了!

冰箱冷凍了一個月後拿出來種在洋菇盒裡的淺土,再用透明塑膠袋紮起來放在溫暖的地方. 睡前再整包冰進冰箱冷藏. 早上再拿出來. 如此2周就可發芽,今天已有一顆有芽了!