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Nice Exotic Honey! 美味的特殊蜂蜜

2013-01-19 005 (Small)
Recently, I went shopping for pure lavender honey with my dear husband. It was a nice afternoon in the market, busy as usual. We got the chance to taste the honey before we bought them. Wow, what a treat! After trying 6 different kinds of honey (1 Linden, 2 different lavenders, 1 sunflower, 1 black currant, 1 Tawari), we bought linden honey and lavender honey — although I liked them all! I look at them as a special treat, I won’t consume them that fast. Next time, I will try something different.

I was surprised by the rich taste of honey, what a difference compared with ordinary honey! You can taste the flower scent and nectar sweetness. Black currant blossom honey tastes kind of fragrant and fruity. (A sweetness with just the right amount of fruity acidic taste — it is perfect!) My grandfather (mother’s father) was a bee keeper, I used to spend my summer and winter vacation with him. I am familiar with honey and appreciate every single drop of honey. The hard work behind all these treats comes from the bees and the bee keepers. Perhaps I am sensitive to scent and taste. When the honey melts in my mouth I feel the flowers bloom inside as well. A pleasant surprise! It brings back nice memories of my childhood spent with my grandfather.

最近和我先生去了有名的鬧市去買純正的薰衣草花蜂蜜。 共品嚐了6種不同的蜂蜜。(椴花蜜,葵花蜜,黑醋栗花蜜,西蘭木花蜜以及法國普羅旺斯和紐西蘭產的2種薰衣草花蜜),每種的風味都如此出眾獨特,真令人感覺口中有萬花齊放的香甜幸福感! 黑醋栗花蜜居然有令人驚喜的風味,完美的香酸甜搭配得教人無法忘記它。 每嚐一種倒真能感受到置身於一望無際盛開的花田那樣的感動與奇妙。  和一般蜂蜜相較,這些特殊蜂蜜真是幸福感破表,雖是甜品卻也不僅止於甜品! 

其實我很珍惜蜂蜜的可貴,每一滴都是蜜蜂和養蜂人辛勤來的結果啊。  我小時候暑假寒假都會去外公家玩住在那裡。  外公離世前有養蜂所以對蜂蜜是有很深的感情,每次嚐蜂蜜總能在敏銳的味覺嗅覺的撩撥下也會勾起對慈詳外公的思念。