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Taste comparison of strawberry spinach and spinach 草莓菠菜和菠菜的試吃比較

Taste comparison of strawberry spinach and spinach 草莓菠菜和菠菜的試吃比較
2013-03-06 002 (Small)

2013-03-06 001 (Small)
L: Strawberry Spinach leaves草莓菠菜葉
R: Spinach leaves菠菜葉

1.Result of Eating Raw 生食
L:mild taste, little after taste; thin foliage, red color under leaf無強烈口味,葉片較薄. 葉背紅褐色.
R:mild taste, no after taste; thicker foliage, lighter green under leaf無強烈口味,葉片較厚有肉. 葉背淺綠色.

2.Result of stir-fry cooking 快炒熟食
L:tender, taste very similar with spinach, a little bit like Gynura bicolor, the soup juice is red.
葉薄易煮熟,口感非常像菠菜,有一點點偏向嫩葉的紅鳳菜. 煮後因葉片薄感覺量縮水. 也像紅鳳菜(Gynura bicolor)煮後有紅湯汁產生.
R:meatier tender taste, more volume, the soup juice is light green.
葉厚,煮熟時間稍晚一點點. 量減少較少. 煮後湯汁呈淺綠.
Later on when the strawberry spinach fruit, I will let everyone knows its taste. If you have planted these plants before, please let me know how you like them.
等草莓菠菜結果後會分享我的試吃心得. 若你種過這種植物,也請分享你吃過的心得.