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苔狀虎耳草Mossy Saxifraga (Saxifraga)

Saxifraga arendsii red, white and pink form 苔狀虎耳草

苔狀虎耳草Mossy Saxifraga (Saxifraga)

2017-12-25 Mossy Saxifraga (3) - Copy

苔狀虎耳草可以用種子,扦插或分株的方式來進行. 此圖為實生苗. Mossy Saxifraga can be propagated by seeds, cuttings or division. This is a image of the seedlings.

Very hardy, evergreen ground cover.  Easy to grow in partial shade location in moist but well drained soil.  Its mature size is:10-20cm (H) x 15-30cm (W).  Excellent for rock or alpine garden.  Blooming time from late spring to early summer.  Flowers are good for cut flower and attract bees and butterflies.  Easy to propagate by seeds, cuttings and dividing the plant clump in early spring.  USDA Zones:4-9.

虎耳草屬,耐旱,似青苔低矮的植株,為常綠地被植物,有幾種不同的花色.  容易栽種,喜半日照,溼潤但排水良好的土壤.   適合種植在多岩石的花壇裡,耐旱.  花期春末到初夏.  花可做切花.  它的花也是吸引蜂蝶的蜜源.   容易用種子枝條扦插或分株來繁殖.  可盆植.