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Honeysuckle is still blooming 仍在綻放的金銀花

Honeysuckle is still blooming 仍在綻放的金銀花

Honey Suckle
It is November 19, yesterday we have flurries, the recent coldest temperature was minus 5 degree C. And Honeysuckle is still blooming fragrantly! Easy to grow and remain green in winter in Toronto (zone 6). Because its long blooming time and beautiful fragrance, it is very good for cut flower!
耐寒,在多倫多冬天還是常綠的開花藤類. 花期很長從春末到冬初且花香芬芳耐插很適合當切花花材.全日照,容易扦插繁殖.

Beautiful Autumn Crocus 美麗的秋水仙

Autumn Crocus flowers盛開的秋水仙

Autumn Crocus flowers盛開的秋水仙

Autumn crocus blooming beautifully together!
秋水仙(學名:Colchicum autumnale)今天路過時看到有人種在前院就拍下來. 很漂亮!

Garden flowers in end of Septemter九月底的花

Garden flowers in end of Septemter九月底的花
It is fall, there are less and less flowers still blooming…
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有趣的午後花園Interesting afternoon in my garden

We were having our tea in our backyard in the afternoon, I saw a pair of praying mantis mating, a cicada flying by and making noise, a humming bird enjoy and rest on a humming bird feeder, squirrel was moving her young one by one from old nest to new warm nest back and forth. And I, I enjoyed tea and harvested some garden vegetables!
午後我們在後花園喝下午茶時,看到一對配對了的螳螂,一隻飛過吵鬧不休的知了,翩翩飛舞的鳳蝶,一隻來喝糖水並短暫歇息的蜂鳥,一隻母松鼠叼著小松鼠一趟一趟的來回搬新家. 而我,除了享受花園的下午茶外,我還採收了一些園中種植的蔬菜.

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Beautiful and tasty garlic chives 漂亮美味的韭菜

Beautiful and tasty garlic chives 漂亮美味的韭菜
2013-08-29 005 (Medium)2013-08-29 004 (Medium)
It is their blooming time! 開花了!
If you love garlic chives or if you are a vegetarian you will love this recipe!! It is also good for making omelet, dumplings with meat and chopped fine garlic chives, stir-fry and much more!

My post Recipe for 百吃不厭的韭菜盒子!Chinese Leek Pockets

Variegated Autumn Sedum斑葉/紅葉景天

Variegated Autumn Sedum 斑葉/紅葉景天
They are pretty and hardy succulent plants! Easy to grow in full sun location, perennials. These two kinds they bloom in fall.
美麗吸睛又強健的多肉植物! 容易栽種於全日照處,多年生草花. 多扦插或分株繁殖.2013-08-27 087 (Medium)2013-08-27 086 (Medium)

鐵線蓮 ‘甜秋’ Clematis ‘Sweet autumn’

鐵線蓮 ‘甜秋’ Clematis ‘Sweet autumn’
Very hardy clematis vine, prefers in full sun location. It blooms from late summer to late full with small but many white single fragrant flowers, fast growing, will require climbing support. Can be propagated by seeds or stem cuttings/layering.
它是爬藤,植栽非常強健耐寒,需全日照才長的好. 花期從夏末開花開到秋末,有時到冬初. 花小而多,白色單瓣小花有著像香草般的香味,生長勢強而快速,需要攀爬用支架. 用種子或扦插/壓條來繁殖.
2013-08-29 024 (Medium)2013-08-29 019 (Medium)

大花扶桑Dwarf hardy Hibiscus(Hibiscus moscheutos)

大花扶桑Dwarf hardy Hibiscus(Hibiscus moscheutos)
2013-08-28 051 (Medium)2013-08-28 029 (Medium)
Love the big blooms! This one is big, it measures over 12 inches across–although it is not the biggest one in my garden. The biggest one is 13 inches across! It is troublesome to take a picture with tape measure even with camera on timer…
我愛這種大花扶桑! 這朵雖大,經量尺丈量略超過直徑12吋–雖然不是我花園最大的一朵花. 我的最大花記錄有直徑13吋喔! 蠻難邊拿量尺邊拍它的即使相機有定時自拍的設定…

Summer Phlox 多年生直立型福祿考

Summer Phlox 多年生直立型福祿考
Beautiful, hardy and long blooming time! 漂亮,強健而且花期很長!
2013-08-25 013 (Medium)2013-08-25 026 (Medium)2013-08-25 010 (Medium)